Exploring Energy with Rubber Bands

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Who doesn’t love to shoot rubber bands?


Today we explored energy by using rubber bands.  This science activity was a huge hit with the kids.

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Exploring Energy with Rubber Bands

tape measure
rubber bands

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1. I started by introducing the two types of energy to the kids, potential energy and kinetic energy.  I shared the idea of potential energy, by having them squat down, because they have stored energy.  They then jumped as high as they could, demonstrating kinetic energy, or energy in motion.

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 2.  The kids then took turns shooting a rubber band.  We placed a ruler on a table.  Then hooked the rubber band to the front of the ruler.  The kids then pulled the rubber band back to either 10 cm, 15 cm, or 20 cm and let it launch.

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3. The kids then measured the distance that the rubber band flew.  They then recorded the distance on their chart.

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To take it further you can have the kids graph their distances.  You could also average the distances and have the kids graph it.

This turned out to be a big hit.  Once we got the kids started, they were able to take it over except for a little help shooting the rubber band.  They would shoot the rubber band, race the where it landed, measure the distance, and then record the distance on their chart.

It provided great number reading and writing practice for all of the kids and they had fun doing it.  What else could you ask for?