Apples Go Brown

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

How do we keep apples from turning brown?  The boys and I did a little experiment to find out.

Apples Go Brown

Apples Go Brown

small bowl
lemon juice
paint brush
butterflybook&experiments 012

1.  Cut the apple into at least 3 pieces.
2.  Take one piece and  place it in the bowl.  Then cover it with just enough water so it is cover.
3.  Use a paint brush and paint both sides of an apple slice with lemon juice.

butterflybook&experiments 038
4.  Take the last piece and do nothing too it.
5.  Let it sit out and observe the changes.

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When the apple is exposed to open air, chemicals in the apple combine with the oxygen to turn the apple brown.  The lemon juice helps protect the chemicals in the apple.

The boys thought it was pretty neat to see what a little bit of lemon juice can do.  They also enjoyed eating several pieces of apple.  Experiments with food are always a winner!

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Have you painted your apples with lemon juice?