{Science} : Oil vs. Water

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Another one of the science experiments that the boys and I did a couple of weeks ago was to investigate how oil and water interact.

oil vs water


Oil vs. Water

Food Coloring
Cups (we use plastic test tubes that we have from a science kit)

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1.  Fill one cup about half of the way full of water.  Fill a second cup half way full of oil.  At this point I let the boys touch the water and the oil so that they could feel the difference between the two liquids.

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2.  Drop a few drops of food coloring into the cup with water.  The boys then noticed how the food coloring mixes with the water, turning the water blue.

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3.  Drop a few drops of food coloring into the cup with oil.  Observe how the food coloring makes bubbles at the bottom of the cup, instead of mixing with the oil, like it did in the water.  This happens because food coloring is made primarily of water.

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4.  In the last cup fill the cup a third of the way with water.  Then add about a third of a cup of oil.  Notice how the water sits on top of the water.  This is due to the fact that water is more dense than the vegetable oil, so the oil will float on top of the water.

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5. Now drop of few drops of food coloring on top of the cup with both the oil and water.  Make sure to point out how the food coloring sits at the bottom of the oil, but just atop of the water.

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6.  Use a pencil and push down through the oil.  You will notice that the food coloring will go down and mix with the water just like it did before.

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The boys thought this was pretty cool.  After we had done the steps listed above, Thing 1 really wanted to try to mix the test tube with both the oil and water up.  So he shook it for a minute or two and it was fairly mixed up.  Then we set it on the counter and over the next couple of days we watched as the oil and water slowly separated again.

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What experiments have you done lately?