{Science} : Thermometer Fun

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

The boys hear me talking all the time about the temperature, especially this spring, since one day the high will be 89 and the next day it will be a high of 55.  Thus I thought it was time to show the boys what I was talking about, when I talked about temperature.  It also helped that this was part of Thing 1’s science curriculum this year.

 thermometer fun

Thermometer Fun


1.  Fill a cup half full of water and add some ice.  Let this sit, while you go outside and place your thermometer in a shady spot on the ground.  Wait for 3 minutes and record the temperature.

school 007

2.  Place your thermometer outside in the sun and wait three minutes. Then record temperature.

school 009

3.  Place your thermometer inside your house on the floor.  Wait three minutes and then record the temperature.

4.  Now place the thermometer between your hands.  Wait three minutes and record the temperature.

5.  Lastly, place the thermometer in your cup of ice water.  Wait three minutes and record the temperature.

school 010

Once we had all our temperature readings, we graphed them onto one big thermometer that I had drawn on our whiteboard.  (Too bad I didn’t get a picture, it looked pretty good!  The boys and I then talked about how changing locations and time of year would affect the temperature reading.  For example, what would the thermometer do during the winter, in the snow.

This conversation then lead to a discussion about why I suggest they play in the shade during the summer when it was 100 degrees outside.  Or how I know that they should probably wear coats, even though I haven’t been outside.  I think I gave away some of my mommy magic, but it was fun.

How have you explored using a thermometer?