Our Work Notebooks

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling


I know that many homeschooling families love workboxes.  I even used workboxes for a little bit in our homeschool, but ultimately decided they weren’t for me.  I was not a big fan of having to refill them every day.  I also didn’t like that our schooling was truly limited to our school room.  We like to be mobile.

See…there is a picture of our workboxes from October of 2011.

Last year, I ditched the workboxes and moved to using notebooks. I had a notebook for each boy, although Thing 1 is the only one who did school the entire year. In each notebook I had a  folder for each week.  Then in each folder I would paper clip together the work for each day of that week.  This allowed me to have 4 weeks of work all in one notebook.  You can read more about it {HERE}.  This was a great fit for our family.

These notebooks allowed me to put our entire homeschool in a bag and take it anywhere.  You can read more about it {HERE}.

However, this year was going to be different.

  1. I was going to be working with all three boys, which meant I would need three different notebooks.
  2.  Thing 1’s materials (workbooks) are a lot bigger than they were last year, thus there was no way they were going to fit in the little notebooks or the little bag.
  3. I wanted Thing 1 to become a little more independent in his work since I would be working with all three boys.  I wanted him to know what to do next, if I was busy.
  4.  Thing 3 was going to be joining us, but some of his materials would be smaller and cut up, thus they would fall out of the folders that we had.
  5. I was planning the entire year before the year started, instead of 4 weeks at a time.  Thus the way in which our folders were used, was not going to be applicable anymore.

So, this year I have modified our notebooks a little bit.

Each boy has a 3 inch notebook.

schoolnotebooks 002

Inside each notebook, are 8  to 12  clear 1 inch expandable, resealable folders, depending on the boy.

schoolnotebooks 011

 schoolnotebooks 015

Attatched to each folder with velcro dots, are a number and a label telling the boy if this is an individual assignment or something they do with mom.

schoolnotebooks 009

 schoolnotebooks 006

Inside each folder is the weeks worth of material for that subject or the workbook for that subject.

schoolnotebooks 016


schoolnotebooks 025

Also, inside the notebooks I have placed a small whiteboard.

schoolnotebooks 005

A pocket containing markers, pencil, and dry erase marker.

 schoolnotebooks 017

I also added in a few blank sheets of notebook paper.

 schoolnotebooks 018

Along with a notebook, each boy has a small bucket that I put anything that is too big for the notebook.    When we are home and can quickly go and pull out what I need.

schoolnotebooks 023


schoolnotebooks 027


schoolnotebooks 028


If we are on the move, I pack up everything in the Large Utility Bag from Thirty One and head to our location.

schoolnotebooks 033

If we are going to be gone long-term I can also take my smaller tote that I used as our schoolroom in a bag (picture above) that is now filled with hanging folders that contain any printouts I would need for our entire school year and head out.

schoolnotebooks 035

What do you use instead of workboxes?