Solar Oven S’mores

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

My goal for the school year is to do some fun science activities with the boys, on top of Thing 1’s regular science curriculum.  We really like science around here!

Today we made Solar Oven S’mores.

solar oven smores

Solar Oven S’mores
(found directions {HERE})

Supplies:smores,collegetri 005
Pizza Box
craft knife
Aluminum Foil
Glue stick
Black Construction Paper
Clear Packing Tape
Clear Plastic (I used 2 1-gallon zipper bags)
Graham Crackers
Chocolate bars
Ruler, stick or dowel (used to hold box open)



1. On the top of the pizza box, draw 3 sides of a square on the pizza box approximately 1 inch from the edge.  You do not want to draw a line on the edge of the box where the fold is.  Use a craft knife to cut out the three sides of  the square that you drew.

smores,collegetri 006

smores,collegetri 007

2.  Glue aluminum foil to the bottom (what would be the inside of the box) of the flap. Make sure the shiny side of the foil is showing. Try to keep it as wrinkle free as possible.

 smores,collegetri 008

3. Glue aluminum foil to the bottom of the pizza box.

 smores,collegetri 010

4. Then tape a piece of black construction paper on top of the foil that is on the bottom of the pizza box.

 smores,collegetri 011

5.  Cut the zipper top off the top of two zipper bags.  Next cut down the sides of each bag so that you have two flat sheets of clear plastic.  Then, lay the bags flat and tape them together so that you have a larger sheet of clear plastic.

 smores,collegetri 012

6.  Take your large sheet of clear plastic and tape it to the underside of the lid to close the hole that was created by the flap.  You might have to trim the plastic.  You want to try and seal it as airtight as possible to trap in the most heat.

smores,collegetri 013

smores,collegetri 015

7.  Take your solar oven outdoors and place it in direct sunlight with the flap opened toward the sun.  To make one s’more you will want to place a piece of chocolate on one graham cracker and a marshmallow on the other.

 smores,collegetri 016

8.  Close the lid to the box and then use a ruler to prop open the flap.

smores,collegetri 025

9.  Depending on how hot it is you can have yummy s’mores within 30 minutes to an hour. Enjoy!

 smores,collegetri 046

The first batch of s’mores we made we let sit in the 95 degree heat for 45 minutes.  The chocolate was really hot, Thing 2 accidentally touched it and said it hurt.  The marshmallows were gooey on the inside, which made them easy to assemble.

The second batch only sat out for about 15 minutes in the 95 degree heat.  As before, the chocolate way pretty hot, however the marshmallow was not nearly a gooey.

We came to the conclusion that we should put the marshmallows out first so that they had a long time to get gooey and then add the chocolate at the end since is so stinkin’ hot outside.

This experiment also lead to an interesting discussion on how black absorbs the light and converts it to heat, thus the reason for the black paper at the bottom.  We also talked about how it is important when you are going to be outside on such a hot day to try and wear light colors so that your clothing is not absorbing the light.

Also, when we went back to do the second batch of s’mores we noticed that we could see each graham cracker square from the first batch on the paper.  The black paper that wasn’t covered by the graham crackers had faded.  So this lead to a discussion about sunscreen and how it protects us from the sun.  We will probably do an experiment soon using different sunscreens.

 smores,collegetri 048

Over the next few days I am sure we will find a few other things to make it our solar oven.  What ideas do you have?