Triple Digit Addition Using Dice

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we are a little over half way through our school year.  Thus, we have hit a rut when it comes to our school work.  I will admit that a lot of the fun is gone and I have become focused on getting through the work, especially with the added pressure of getting ready to move.  However, after seeing the boys having so much fun at the math games play date we attended yesterday, I decided I needed to rededicate myself to making our school work more fun again.

Thing 1 (my 1st grader) has just started Singapore Math 2B.  The curriculum has thing 1 doing triple digit addition.  This is actually a review for him because I taught him triple digit addition when I was teaching him double-digit addition (a great thing about homeschooling).  So at 9 o’clock last night I came up with a way to practice addition without just sticking to the workbook.

triple digit addition using dice

Triple Digit Addition Using Dice

6 sided die
8 sided die
10 sided die (if you have 3 10 sided dice you could just use those)
small white board
dry erase marker

1.  Have student roll all three dice.  The 10 sided dice is the hundreds place, the 8 sided dice is the tens place, and the 6 sided dice is the ones place.  This creates your top number.  Write it down on your white board.

mathdicegame 006

2.  Repeat step one to get your second number.

mathdicegame 008

3.  Have you student add up the numbers.

mathdicegame 011

Thing 1 enjoyed this so much more than just doing his regular workbook page.  It also gave him much better practice than the workbook page would have because the problems were much more random and more difficult than what was in the workbook.  Most importantly is that Thing 1 got in lots of practice but didn’t complain nearly as much!  Score one for mom!

What are some fun ways you have practiced addition?