Even and Odd Numbers

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Thing 2 (my pre k kiddo) is about 40% of the way through Saxon Math 1.  (Thing 1 misses the cut off for kindergarten in Texas by 26 days, so he would be a pre k student, but he was ready to start kindergarten, so we did.  I can do that since we homeschool.)  Anyway, today’s math lesson was about identifying even numbers.  Thing 2 was introduced to even numbers at the math games play date we attended on Wednesday.  So this was the perfect opportunity to reinforce that introduction.

Even or Odd

Even and Odd Numbers with a Die

20 sided die
small whiteboard or piece of paper

1. To start we reviewed counting by 2’s.  As he said those numbers I wrote them down on the small whiteboard.

mathdicegame 012


2.  He then rolled the die.  I wrote them number down on the whiteboard and we talked about place value and which place we need to look at the determine whether the number was even or odd.

For the first 6-10 rolls I left the even numbers written on the whiteboard.  However, after that I erased the even numbers off the whiteboard and had him keep rolling.  I think he would have played for a while if it hadn’t been for the fact that he had to head to soccer.  He loved “winning.”  He thought that every time he got the correct answer he won.  I guess he was winning in his own way.

mathdicegame 015

How have you taught even and odd numbers?