Pumpkin School!

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Last week Thing 3 decided he wanted to “do school” like his brothers.  Like I admitted last week, Thing 3 really hasn’t been doing a lot of school because of lack of preparation by me and lack of interest from him.  However, that has all changed.  Thing 3 has been begging for school.

This week we are doing  pumpkin themed week.  While I was printing things out yesterday, he saw all of “his school” and begged to do it.  So I printed out a whole pack from somewhere so that he would not do everything I had planned for the week.  I think he sat at the table for 2 hours doing all everything from the pack I had printed off.  He was so happy hanging out at the table with me doing pumpkin school.

Today, once he finally made it over to the table where his brothers and I were working, Thing 3 proceeded to do everything I had planned for both Monday and Tuesday.  He would have done all of Wednesday’s work too if it hadn’t been for the fact that we had to leave to run an errand.

cschool 005

cschool 006

cschool 012

cschool 013

cschool 015

cschool 022

These are pictures of just a few of the activities he did.

I also captured these two pictures.  Thing 2 practicing his reading.

cschool 008

Thing 1 working on his addition problems.

cschool 021

I think the printables we used came from 2 Teaching Moms, 3 dinosaurs, and stuff I had made in the past.