Getting Back to Work

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

After nearly three months off from school the boys and I got back to school this week.  To be honest, I was a little concerned how this week would go.  Would I have to fight them to get some work done?  How much was I going to have to re-teach?  How far behind are we?

fire,school 001

However, I am happy to say that this week went great.  Thing 1 got straight to work and Thing 2 took about 10 minutes before he got to work.  Both boys were actually able to pick up right where we left off.  Yay!

fire,school 011


fire,school 016


fire,school 019

I also started looking to see how far behind we truly are in comparison to my original plan, which had us ending our year the first week of April.  Surprisingly we are only 5 weeks behind. This means that with a little shuffling and a little bit of hustling we are still going to be able to finish this school year as planned.  Instead of working only 4 days a week we will be working 5 days a week.  We will also lose the 2 complete weeks off that I had built-in to our schedule.    I think that we can live with that.

How’s your year going?