Throw and Spell

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Thing 1 and I have been struggling with spelling.  I don’t spell well.  I don’t like spelling, I mean that is what spell check is for, right?  Thing 1 should take after Daddy Cameron and be a better speller than me, but it just isn’t working out that way.

So today I was inspired to change up our spelling word practice time.  Thing 1 was jumping all around the playroom/classroom.  Thus I decided to make spelling practice an active activity.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 006

I wrote the numbers on the whiteboard which correspond to the number of spelling words.  Then I had Thing 1 throw a ball at the whiteboard. Whatever number it hit I would call out that spelling word and he would spell it.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 001

At first he said he could spell the words orally, but we soon realized that wasn’t working.  I pulled out a second whiteboard and had him spell the words while I wrote the letters down.  This worked much better.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 017

By the end Thing 1 was spelling all of his spelling words with little hesitation and he was getting to use some of his energy at the same time.  Score!

What are some ways you practice your spelling?