Using LEGOs to Build Levers

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

We love some LEGOs around here.  They are played with every day.  Thus when it was time to talk about levers as part of simple machines for science, I knew we had to use LEGOs. 

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 030

I started the lesson by giving the boys the definition of levers and talking about the three parts of a lever.  I was surprised how easily they understood the difference between the effort and the load and how they act on the lever.  Next, I introduced each type of lever and drew an example for them on a whiteboard.  I then asked the them to create an example of the lever out of LEGOs.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 033

Thing 1 was able to create each lever, a much better lever than I did, in less time.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 037

After each type of lever was built I had the boys draw an example on a simple worksheet I created to further reinforce the concept.  At this time we also talked about real life example of each type of lever.  Thing 1 blew me away with the examples he came up with there were some I didn’t even think about.  For example, he realized that the act of him throwing a ball in a windmill fashion was similar to a third class lever.

How have you used LEGOs in your school?