Gumdrop & Toothpick Tower Challenge

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

A couple of years ago, we had invited some friends over to build things out of gumdrops and toothpicks and the boys loved it.  After looking at the weather this week I knew today was supposed to be rainy and cold.  I remembered this activity and thought it would be a perfect rainy, cold day activity, however, this time I challenged the boys to see who could build the tallest tower.

gumdrop & toothpick tower

Gumdrop & Toothpick Tower Challenge


To see who can build the tallest tower only using gumdrops and toothpicks.

 reading&gumdroptowers 050

The boys accepted the challenge.  Thing 1 immediately set out constructing a tower made out of cubes.  When his tower was about 2 feet tall, he realized that he was going to need a bigger base to keep his tower from falling.

 reading&gumdroptowers 054

Thing 2 started with a similar pattern as Thing 1, however he forgot to brace it in a few places, so it fell over.  This lead him to try something different using a diamond shape.  It was pretty cool to see him try something different.

 reading&gumdroptowers 051

Thing 3, well Thing 3 just had a good time sticking toothpicks into gumdrops to create sea creatures.

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.  Next I want to challenge them to build a bridge…


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  1. What a fun activity! My preschooler would love this! Although she may just want to eat the candy. Lol.