{Our Homeschool Classrooms} : 2014 – 2015

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

Our homeschool room has changed over the years.  Back in 2011, we started with a small table, a few supplies and lots of cozy sitting areas.  Then not even a month later I changed our homeschool area again.  Oh, and I changed it one more time two months later.  In 2012, I not only updated our school room again but I also made our homeschool mobile by having our classroom fit in a bag.  Last year as Thing 2 joined our school on a more routine bases, I moved from the bag to using notebooks.

As you can see as our homeschool has changed so has where we homeschool.  Well, this year we are in a new house with a lot more room and a whole new set up.

Like our school room in a bag and notebooks, I still like to keep our homeschool easily mobile.  We have moved from notebooks to large accordion files for each boy.  The boys are able to easily carry these and I can put almost all of the teachers manuals and such in each kiddos file.  For those things that don’t fit, I have a bag that I can easily put them in to take them with us.



Since the main pieces of our homeschool is mobile, we like to spread out when we work.

Each boy has a desk in our playroom.


There is also a bookshelf with reference materials and a place for them to store their accordion files.


Next to my desk, which also holds the boys’ laptop, is the printer as well as paper, coloring books. extra supplies and the printer.


Our playroom/class room also has a huge closet, which I have two bookshelves that hold past curriculum and manipulatives.


They also have a desk of their own in their bedrooms.

Thing 1’s


Thing 2’s



Thing 3’s


Thing 1 and Thing 2 also sit in their window seats to do some of their work.

Thing 1’s :And yes, he does sit on the swing to do school too.



Thing 2’s


I have also spent a some time creating a science and art lab in our basement.  I decided that the basement, which has a full kitchen  was the best place to let the kids create and to do messy science and art projects.  So using several shelves that were left in our barn by the previous owner, the boys now have easy access to all of their art and science supplies.

Painting shirts and science googles



Science supplies, art supplies and paint supplies, from left to right.



Recyclable materials corner.  Clean stuff that can be used to create with.



Most of the room.


When the weather is nice we also have come to do a large amount of school on our front porch.



Where do you do your school?