{Art} : Walking a Line

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

If you should know anything about Thing 1 it is that he loves to draw.  He will look at pictures and reproduce them with pretty amazing accuracy and detail.  He is also known to create stuff from his imagination.   I carry a clipboard with blank sheets of paper and a bag full of pencils and crayons everywhere we go, just in case he gets inspired.

Due to this great love of drawing, I thought he would jump at the idea of an art class.  However, he has been reluctant to join one.  He says that he only wants to draw what he wants, which I totally understand.

Although he says he only wants to draw what he wants, I thought I would do an art class for him that would still allow him to do what he wants, but he can start learning some technique along the way. So from now until the end of the year we are going to focus on drawing.

Today we started with just a basic line.

Walking the Line

computer paper

The first activity was super simple, but slowly got Thing 1 moving in the right direction.  Thing 1 was to draw an abstract work of art without picking the pencil up from the paper, except to stop the drawing.


This basically became a scribbling activity, because he just wasn’t into the activity yet.

The second activity was to draw an object using the same principle as above.  You use only one line, only taking the pencil off the paper when the drawing is done.

When we started, I could tell he wasn’t feeling it.  However, after a little discussion of which object to draw he got to work.  He managed to create 15-20 drawings depicting the various characters of Super Mario Brothers.  Yes, he went old school.  It could be that he had been playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on our old Nintendo before we started our art project.






Overall, once I got him going it was great to see his creativity to come to life.  I was also pretty impressed with what he created today.

Hopefully, over the next several months Thing 1 and I will be able to keep this up and I will share future projects.