Christmas Lights & Circuits

Written by Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

For many years I have wanted to have the kids play with Christmas lights and circuits during the holiday season, but I had just never got around to setting it up. This year was different, since we were hosting the homeschool group holiday party at our house I decided it was time.

So I bought a couple of strands of Christmas light and destroyed them.

Cut up Christmas lights with the insulation stripped from the end.
9 volt battery
4 inch pieces of cut wire that was left over from the Christmas lights
Electrical tape

After a short introduction of what I was going to give the kids, I asked them a few questions to get them started and then set them free.

It was truly magical to see their creativity at work. The problem solving and critical thinking skills that emerged was awesome. To be honest, I had different goals in mind when I thought about this activity, but in the end, just letting them be free to explore was the best thing. Below is a copy of what my plan looked like.


What fun science have you done this holiday season?