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A little over three years ago, on a gray, gloomy day I had the boys paint a snowflake resist.

Since starting our homeschool group back up I am constantly looking for ideas and activities that will work with our group. The boys’ paintings from three years ago are hanging on a basement wall right now and one day when I was walking by them, I thought that it would be a perfect activity for our homeschool group.


Yesterday, while it was a windy 60 degrees outside, we were inside painting snowflakes.

Snowflake Resist

Painter’s Tape
Paint (We used tempra paint with the group and acrylics when we did it ourselves)
Paper or Canvas (we used watercolor paper with the group and canvas when we did it ourselves)

1. Use the painters tape to tape a design on the paper. If you would l like thinner lines, then cut the tape lengthwise.

2. Paint over your entire picture. Even over the painters tape.

3. When you painting is dry, pull off the painters tape to reveal your pictures.


You could also add to this activity by watching a few YouTube videos about snowflakes. Here is a link to my post about a previous snowflake activity that has several videos. 

Several of these videos are very interesting, we just did not watch them with the group this time since many of the same people who were at this event were at our last snowflake event.

What resist activities have you tried?

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