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{Art} One Fish, Two Fish, Stuffed Fish

After visiting an art class last week the boys have decided that they would like to do more art at home.  I will admit, that besides drawing, there hasn’t been a lot art going on around here since before our move.  So I am making an effort to do something art or craft related ever week.  This week we made a stuffed fish.

stuffed fish

Stuffed Fish

2 Large Pieces of White Construction Paper
Tacky Glue
Extra Newspaper

1. Use watercolors to paint both sheets of constructions paper.  You want to paint the entire sheet of paper.  Then let dry.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 004

2.  Once the 2 painted pieces of paper are dry, turn the pieces of paper so that the blank sides are facing each other.  Sketch the outline of a fish.  Then with the blank sides facing each other cut the fish out.  You have to look close to see my lines.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 010

3. Now glue almost the entire way around the fish, leaving one area un-glued so that you can stuff newspaper inside.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 012

4.  Take small pieces of newspaper and gently stuff it inside the fish.  Once you have it stuffed, you can then finish gluing the fish shut.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 015

5. If you want you can punch a hole through the top fin of the fish and attach a string so that you can hang your fish up.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 026

While we the boys were working on their fish, I read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess to the boys.  They thought this was pretty cool and enjoyed listening to a story while they worked.  Thing 1 even said it was better than the art class because they were able to listen to the story.  You could also read Rainbow Fish, while working on this craft.

What have you done for art lately?

“X” Marks the Spot

Over the last few weeks Thing 3 has been begging to “do school.”  He actually asks to do school, while Thing 1 and Thing 2 try everything they can to get out of doing anything school related.  I realized that I needed something more structured to do with Thing 3, for my sake and his.

I did some research.  I didn’t want anything that was too worksheet based.  I wanted something that would introduce him to the alphabet, but wasn’t the main focus.  I wanted something that would give me a good base that I could easily add to based on what type of activities appeal to Thing 3, because I just can’t seem to use a curriculum straight out of the box.  I have to adapt it for me and the boys.  I really didn’t need something that was too preschool.  Thing 3 just turned 3, he needs more hands on, but I don’t/can’t have to create it all.

I decided on God’s Little Explorers.

God’s Little Explorers has great hands ideas for hands on activities as well as easy to use worksheets.  I was easily able to add to a few more activities that interest Thing 3.  However, the best part of using this curriculum is that I have been easily able to included Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Some activities are ones which they do right along side of Thing 3, while others they are my helpers.  In the end they will all be learning and working together.

Today we started week one with a lot of fun and success.  This week’s theme is “God’s word is a treasure.”  What do you think of when you think of treasure, pirates of course.  And x marks the spot for every pirates treasure.  This is right up all three boys’ alley.

Together, we started by reviewing the scripture for the week.  Then while Thing 3 worked on some of his pirate activities, Thing 1 and Thing 2 went on a secret mission to hide 24 x’s in our backyard.

Once they were all hidden and the boys had completed a certain amount of work, we lead Thing 3 outside to begin his hunt.  He loved it.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 had fun “helping” him find all the x’s.  It was a great break for all of us to get outside and do some learning.

Lego,house,soccer,school 191

Thing 3 worked on identifying the letter x.  Saying the sound for the letter x. We also worked on counting as we counted the cards.

Lego,house,soccer,school 197

Overall it was a successful and fun activity for all of us.

{Totally 3} : What has Thing 2 Been Up To?

So I am a little behind on sharing what Thing 2 has been up, so I thought I would do a quick catch up.

There was some fun with the letter Bb, which is a favorite letter of Thing 2.


Shape and number recognition practice.



Making a skeleton with Thing 1.

Jumping on the alphabet!

Some park fun!

{Story & Art} : A Penguin Story

This weeks story and art project is from one of Thing 2’s favorie books, A Penguin Story by Antoinette Potis.

A Penguin Story is a cute story about Edna the penguin who is looking for something.  She is looking for a color other than black, white or blue.  Eventually, she finds humans who are dressed in orange.

Our simple art project was inspired by the artwork throughout the book.  Using light blue, black and white construction paper.  I cut out an “Edna” for each boy that they glued onto the paper.  Then using a scrap of white paper, they tore pieces of to make snow.

Thing 1 thought this was a lot of fun.  Thing 2 loved make his “baby Edna,” but then all he wanted to do was cut his Edna out because he “just really likes to cut things out.”  Whatever floats his boat.

What fun penguin activities have you done?

{Story & Art} The Very Hungry Caterpillar

All three of my boys love the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  So for our story and art activity this week, I decided we would use the book the Very Hungry Caterpillar and make our own webs.

Paper Plate Spider Web

paper plate
hole punch

1.  Take the paper plate and fold it in half so that you can cut the middle of the plate out.
2. Using the hole punch, make holes going around the outside of the plate.

3.  String your yarn through two of the holes and ties together in the back.
4.  Spin your web, by stringing the yarn between the many different holes.

5.  Tie and cut off any excess string and enjoy!


What Very Busy Spider crafts have you done?

The Sneaky Snake

As a family we are reading through The Beginner’s Bible and then doing some sort of craft or activity.  I want the craft to be simple and easy enough that even Thing 1 (who is 23 months) can do the activity just like his brothers.

This week we read and talked about Genesis 3, “The Sneaky Snake.”  When I was planning the activity a couple of weeks ago, one simple craft popped into my mind, a paper plate snake.


paper plate
markers, crayons, or whatever you want to decorate your snake with

1. Decorate both side of the paper plate.  It is easier to decorate the plate before you cut it.

2.  Starting in the middle of the plate, partially cut out a head shape, but before you get back to the beginning of the circle, start cutting around the plate in a spiral pattern.

3.  Decorate a head.

The boys loved their snakes and played with them most of the day and the best part was that Thing 3 got to make something just like his brothers. I never got a picture of Thing 3’s finished product 🙁


What activities have you done along with Genesis 3?  What other ways have you made snakes?

{Totally 3} : P is for Penguins

In case you didn’t know, Thing 2 loves penguins.  So I knew this week was going to be a big hit for Thing 2.

We practice counting 1-15 using our little penguins.  We also continued to work on locations such as top, bottom, left and right.

He also practiced writing the numbers 1 and 2.

Thing 2 did his letters maze, circle the letter, and putting the pieces together.

Thing 2 helped me locate the letters P and p in several books this week.  He has also started to notice letters on different signs and such as we are out and about.

Like I noticed last week Thing 2 does a much better job of knowing the sounds of the letters than the names of the letters.

Although we didn’t do as many hands on activities as we did last week, Thing 2 still had a great time learning since he was able to play with the penguins all week during school time.

{HERE} is a copy of the printables I made for the week.

How was your week?

{Totally 3} S is for Snakes

Thing 2 had another great week of school this week.  I am so glad that he is finally the slightest bit motivated.  He also is demonstrating to me that he actually remembers what we have been learning.

This weeks letter was the letter S, which of course stood for snakes.  One of his favorite props this week was the small container of snakes that we got while we were on vacation.

We are loosely following the Horizons Kindergarten math curriculum.  This week we continued to focus on counting 1 -10.

We also worked on identifying first, middle and last using our snakes.

Thing 2 also worked on identifying and writing the numbers 1-3.

Each week Thing 2 is practicing writing his letters.  I am trying to find fun ways to do this activity since doing it on paper all the time can get a little boring.  So this week I brought out the shaving cream for him to use as we practiced writing the letters S and s.  We also need to experience wearing it too!

We also did one of our favorite games, letter blackout.  You have a board that is nothing but the letter you are studying.  Each person take a turn rolling a die.  You color or dot out that many spaces.  The person who fills the board first wins.

We also used play dough to make snakes and to form the letters and numbers we were studying the week.  I think he honestly like playing with the play dough more than he liked the shaving cream.

Pre Reading Skills:
I am also trying to work on making sure that not only can Thing 2 identify the letter, but that he also knows the sound that each letter makes.  Honestly, he knows the sound better for the letters than he does the name.  So we worked on finding objects that start with the letter s.

We also read books together where I had him find the letters S and s on each page.  It becomes like a hide and seek game and he loves to do this.  I have him say the letter and make the letter sound every time he locates one.

{HERE} are the printables I made to go with the letter S.

What fun activities have you done with the letter s? 



{Totally 3} Letter M

So if you haven’t notice, there has been a long absence in Totally 3 posts.  Back in March, after I worked to create a Yummy ABCs for Thing 2, he really lost interest in school.  It was also about that time that I decided we were going to enjoy the wonderful weather and start back at to school when it was hotter.

Thing 1 started back to school in May, and I thought that Thing 2 would follow, but he didn’t until now.  So fo the first time since March, Thing 2 has done school and he seems to actually remember some of it even after a couple of days.

However, I had to create some new activities for Thing 2, because he was not interested in learning about food anymore.  So with Thing 2’s new interest in animals I created some animal based letter activities.

For Thing 2’s math I am loosely following the Horizons Kindergarten math.  The first few lessons were based on counting to 10, practicing the direction words top and bottom, and writing the number one.  I used the monkeys for counting practice.  I used a combination of the tree and monkeys to talk about top and bottom. Thing 2 completely nailed all of these things.

Letter Identification:
We did a few activities where Thing 2 had to locate the letters M and m.  The only time we he ran in to any problems is when it came to the letter w.

Letter Sounds:
One of the worksheets I created was designed to have Thing 2 circle the objects that started with the letter m.  Thing 2 rocked this activity.  He had completed half of the worksheet before I had finished explaining the directions.

{HERE} are the printables I created for the letter m.

What has your three year old done this week?



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