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{Art} One Fish, Two Fish, Stuffed Fish

After visiting an art class last week the boys have decided that they would like to do more art at home.  I will admit, that besides drawing, there hasn’t been a lot art going on around here since before our move.  So I am making an effort to do something art or craft related ever week.  This week we made a stuffed fish.

stuffed fish

Stuffed Fish

2 Large Pieces of White Construction Paper
Tacky Glue
Extra Newspaper

1. Use watercolors to paint both sheets of constructions paper.  You want to paint the entire sheet of paper.  Then let dry.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 004

2.  Once the 2 painted pieces of paper are dry, turn the pieces of paper so that the blank sides are facing each other.  Sketch the outline of a fish.  Then with the blank sides facing each other cut the fish out.  You have to look close to see my lines.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 010

3. Now glue almost the entire way around the fish, leaving one area un-glued so that you can stuff newspaper inside.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 012

4.  Take small pieces of newspaper and gently stuff it inside the fish.  Once you have it stuffed, you can then finish gluing the fish shut.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 015

5. If you want you can punch a hole through the top fin of the fish and attach a string so that you can hang your fish up.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 026

While we the boys were working on their fish, I read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess to the boys.  They thought this was pretty cool and enjoyed listening to a story while they worked.  Thing 1 even said it was better than the art class because they were able to listen to the story.  You could also read Rainbow Fish, while working on this craft.

What have you done for art lately?

Yummy ABC Printables

Towards the end of last year, Thing 2 showed a real interest in helping me in the kitchen.  Thus, I created Yummy ABCs for him.  However, as with any three-year old, his interest have changed.

I had created most of the alphabet and since we will not be using them, I won’t be writing any blog post about them.  So, in case there is anyone out there who might find them helpful, I thought I would put the whole collection that I completed in one blog post.

Each letter includes:
Beginning Writing
Letter Writing Practice
Blackout Game
Letter Maze
Lacing or Punching Pages
and more!

Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F
Letter G
Letter H
Letter I
Letter J
Letter K
Letter L
Letter M
Letter N
Letter O
Letter P
Letter Q
Letter R
Letter S
Letter T
Letter U
Letter V
Just to let you know, I have not done the final editing on most of them.  I usually do that once we have worked through them.  However, since we never worked through them, they were never fully edited.

Hope you enjoy!



{Totally 3} Back to School

This week Thing 2 had his first full we back to school and he enjoyed every minute of it.  This week was the yummy letter F.

Letter Activities
*Letter F Maze
*Letter F Blackout Game
*Letter F Poking Page
*Letter F lacing card

*Letter Ff out of goldfish
*Letter Ff stamping
*Put together pieces to make a letter Ff

*Rectangle playdough mat
*Rectangle on Geoboard
*Rectangle and Square Patterns
*Letter Ff Roll and Graph

*Letter M sound
*Reading while locating the letters Ff, as well as any other letters we know

*Story of the World Chapter 1 – Thing 2 only really listened to the stories, he didn’t participate in any of the activities.

This week we reviewed Arizona and New Mexico, using the coloring sheet from Road Trip USA, a power point I had made, and a few other activities that I created.

*Letter F pre writing
*Letter F beginning writing
*Letter F writing practice

*I had Thing 2 tell me a story that I then typed it into a his own blog that I had started for him.

*What do plant need?  We set up an experiment where we will discover exactly what plants need.  We have three plants.  One plant will be given water and sunlight.  The second seed will only be given water, but no sunlight.  The third seed will be given sunlight, but no water.

{HERE} is the worksheet for the Yummy Letter F.
{HERE} is the worksheets that I made to go with our science, What a Plant Needs?

Totally 3: F is for Feathers

I have a confession to make… I had a really great week planned for Thing 2, however, I did not do a great job of getting all the materials together.  Therefore, I completely winged today.  Thankfully it turned out well.

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 005


We did our usual pre handwriting practice today working on the type of lines that make up the letter F. 

Letter Activity:

One of the filler activities that I had printed out for Thing 2 came in handy today, as we used it for our letter activity for the day.  It was a simple color by F and f page found here. 

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 001

The second letter activity that also counted as our craft was a simple activity where I wrote the letters F and f on the paper and then had him glue some of the duck feathers that we have collected onto the paper. 

11-9-11 Letter F and Horned Dinosaurs 004

After all this fun, Thing 2 wanted to do dinosaurs with Thing 1, so he joined us for some dinosaur fun.  Thus, we didn’t have any formal math activities planned.

Totally 3: F is for Frogs

This week we are doing the letter F.  Today was F is for frog. 

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 032

Letter Activity:

After doing our pre writing practice for the letter F, I introduced Thing 2 to the letter F.  I wrote the letters F and f on one of our small white boards.  On the other board I wrote the letter F and f several times, along with several other letters.  I then had Thing 2 circle all of the letters F and f he could find.

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 023


For math, I had a really fun frog and fly activity planned, however, I failed and didn’t get the frog or the flies made, so instead we used paperclips.


Simple game.  Roll the dice, count the number of dots and then gather that number of paperclips.  At the end of however many rounds, the person who has the most paperclips wins. 

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 024

It was easy and simple.  Best of all was that Thing 2 was able to practice counting one to one all the way up to 12.  He also was able to tell me which was the greater number each time. 

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 025

The second math activity we did was color/shape sorting.  I picked up some rubber shapes at Target dollar spot awhile back.  I would pull a shape out of the bag and I had Thing 2 tell me the shape.  Then he decided to sort them by colored “towers.”  It was simple, easy and cheap practice.

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 026


Since today was F for frog, we had to make a frog.  I have to admit that I was not prepared for this, so while he was circling the letters F and f, I was busy cutting out the pattern.  Thus this is the reason that this is not the greatest frog in the world.  However, Thing 2 loved his frog and needed little help gluing him together.

11-8-11 Playdoh, Dinosaurs, Frog, 031

What have you done with the letter F?

Fun @ 4 {Week 2} : Letters F – J


Today was F is for Fish.  We started the day with letter F handwriting practice, which turned out to be a needed review.  However, once I showed him once, he was good.

We then moved onto the super fun fish in a tank game.  Thing 1 did great, but in some ways I think he was more excited to eat the goldfish at the end of the game. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 011

Next up we worked with our sight word train and –an family train.  Thing 1 loves some trains.  We also did a couple of the worksheets from the You Can Read Set 3

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 014

Once we finished with our reading practice, we finished up with a quick craft.  I had Thing 1 glue the goldfish into the ocean to make the letter F and f.

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 016


We didn’t have school on Tuesday.


Since we did not have school on Tuesday, Thing 1 practiced writing both G and H.

In math we worked on patterns with golf balls.  At first I made patterns and had Thing 1 complete the pattern.  Then he decided he wanted to make a pattern for me.  I was excited to see him to take the initiative.  However, instead of Thing 1 letting me complete the pattern, he told me what to do.  So he was still getting the practice he needed.

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 010 

We also worked more with the –an family.  We reviewed the beloved –an family train and the we worked on a word/picture match activity.  He was a little reluctant at first, but then he got into it as he realized that it was easy.

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 019


Thursdays letter was I.  Since Thing 2 was using the geoboard to practice making the letter T, Thing 1 wanted to use the geoboard to make the letter I.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 023

After some sight word practice we did a fun activity.  I gave Thing 1 some sugar cubes.  I wanted to see what he would want to make the sugar cubes.  He immediately started making an igloo.  He even realized that he would have to have something on the inside to hold the igloo together.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 039


Daddy Cameron was available to play with the boys for a good part of the day, therefore, Daddy trumps school.

It was a great week for Thing 1.

Mommy Cameron

Fish in a Tank {Math}

Today’s math objective for Thing 1 was counting to 20.  We were also reviewing the letter F.  Our theme was f is for fish, so as a way to incorporate both the math objective and our theme for the day, I created the fish in a tank game. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 011


  • goldfish crackers
  • jar or bowl to hold fish (we used some clear jars I had)
  • die (we used a 20 sided die in order to practice counting to 20)

Set Up:

Simply give each player some goldfish and their own fish tank.

To Play:

Each person takes a turn rolling the die.  The number that is rolled on the die is the number of goldfish that you put in your fish tank.  We went 6 rounds and then counted the total number of fish.  The one with the most fish wins.

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 012

There were several other math objective that came out of this that I would have never thought of when I came up with the game. 

  • Every round before I would put my goldfish in my tank, we would discuss which number was greater.
  • This game also turned out to be great one to one counting practice up to 50. 
  • At the end, when we were counting up the total number of goldfish, I lined them up in groups of 10.  This allowed me to introduce the idea of grouping to count.  It also was a way to introduce the idea of skip counting.

What surprises have you had today?


Fun at 4 {Week 2}

Fun at 4 (fill size)


This week is going to be a good review for Thing 1 who is fairly familiar with all the objectives below.  I hope to do a better job of sharing all the activities once we complete them.

  • counting 0-19
  • pattern practice
  • measurement
  • graphing


  • Sight Words: like, my, is, it (You Can Read Unit 3)
  • -an Word Family  (I am still trying to come up with a few more activities that relate to Thing 1’s interest.)


Handwriting is going to be a little boring until we finish reviewing the alphabet.


Arts and Crafts:

Each day our art/craft will relate to the letter of the day.  Here are our themes for our art/craft projects this week.

  • F – Fish
  • G – Golf  (Daddy Cameron was a golfer in college.)
  • H – Hammer
  • I – Igloo
  • J – Jell-O

My goal is to share any fun activities or games we do the day they happen and then do one bigger review of the week at the end of the week. My thought is this way I can share a few more of the activities we do that were fun or cute, but just weren’t the the top activity of the day.  We will see how that goes.

What are you and your 4 year old doing this week?