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Yummy ABC Printables

Towards the end of last year, Thing 2 showed a real interest in helping me in the kitchen.  Thus, I created Yummy ABCs for him.  However, as with any three-year old, his interest have changed.

I had created most of the alphabet and since we will not be using them, I won’t be writing any blog post about them.  So, in case there is anyone out there who might find them helpful, I thought I would put the whole collection that I completed in one blog post.

Each letter includes:
Beginning Writing
Letter Writing Practice
Blackout Game
Letter Maze
Lacing or Punching Pages
and more!

Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F
Letter G
Letter H
Letter I
Letter J
Letter K
Letter L
Letter M
Letter N
Letter O
Letter P
Letter Q
Letter R
Letter S
Letter T
Letter U
Letter V
Just to let you know, I have not done the final editing on most of them.  I usually do that once we have worked through them.  However, since we never worked through them, they were never fully edited.

Hope you enjoy!



Lightning, Monsters, Letter I and the Moon

So it is official that lightning hit our house Monday night, completely killing both AC units, the cable, internet, garage door, irrigation system, and putting a fist size hole in our roof.  Also, since that time, the mouse on my laptop doesn’t work and my blog has had a few issues.  That is all that I have found so far.

Thus our school week has been interrupted, a lot. 

Tuesday, the only thing we managed to do was a very short story and art project.  We read a short counting and monster book and then I had the boys make monsters, however they were soon distracted by one set of repair guys that were in our house.  Thing 1 did come back later in the day to finish his monster.

10-19-11 Igloo and the moon 008

Today was a little better.  One, because I was determined to get back on track, but also because we only had one repair visit scheduled.  So this afternoon during Thing 3’s nap, Thing 2 and I continued to with our letter of the week, the letter I.  Today was letter I is for igloo.  After he finished his beginning letter I pre write, we made a lower case I out of sugar cubes.  He was then soon distracted and done for the day.  I will be glad when the repair guys do not have to come around any longer.

10-19-11 Igloo and the moon 044

I then started with Thing 1.  We went through our site words and reviewed the –an word family.  Next we discussed and sorted pennies and nickels.  He quickly learned the difference between the two.  Thing 2 even joined in on the fun. 

Next we got to the exciting part of the day.  Today we continued our study of the solar system, by learning more about the moon.  First, we read a book about the moon.  Then we talked about more in depth about the craters on the moon and did an experiment that illustrated how the craters were formed.  I filled a pie pan with flour and then we collected different sized “rocks” (ok, there were acorns and other things because we were having a hard time finding rocks today).  I then had Thing 1 dropped the “rocks” into the pan.  We discussed the difference between the different sized “rocks.”  Both Thing 1 and Thing 2 got into this.  The cable/internet repair guy was impressed.

10-19-11 Igloo and the moon 031

Eventually I was able to bribe convince the boys to come back inside so that we could talk about the phases of the moon.  We did the ever popular Oreo cookie phases of the moon project.  This was a huge hit with the boys.  Once we were finished, Thing 1 asked if he could put craters on the moon, thus the reason there are holes in the cream of the Oreos.  I had not thought of that.

10-19-11 Igloo and the moon 043

By the time we were wrapping up the Oreo project, the cable/internet repair guy had to come inside and work, thus ending school for the day. 

I know the rest of the week is not going to be much better since this evening we discovered the irrigation and garage door is no longer working and thus will have to be looked at also.  However, my goal is to try and get through most of our plans for the week.  We will see how it goes.

How is your week going?

Letter I and Gravity

So I had planned to write this post 4.5 hours ago, but that was before some lightening decided to strike near my house causing some electrical current to run through my legs, killing my AC and my TV/internet.  However, since I can’t sleep because of all the “fun” I have had over the last 5 hours, I figured I would write this post anyway.  Therefore, if it makes no sense it is because I have had a looong day.

Fun @ 4:

This week is the first week where we are studying a topic that interest Thing 1 rather than reviewing a letter of the day.  Much more exciting stuff. 

We started our day with our new sight words (go, up, down, here) and reviewing the –at word family.  Pretty standard stuff around here.

We then moved into math, where this week we are going to be learning a little bit about money.  So today, I gave Thing 1 some change, and had him sort the money.  It was interesting for me to watch him, because for some reason he would get the pennies and the dimes mixed up.  Which to me, I think those are the easiest to differentiate.  Instead of comparing the color, when I questioned one of his decisions, he compared size. 

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 019

Next we read the book I Fall Down by Vicki Cobb as a transition into our study of the solar system.  When did an experiment where we dropped items of different sizes and shapes to see which one would land first.  I let Thing 1 pick out the pair of items and had him hypothesize which item would land first and why.  Then we dropped the items and recorded the results.  It did not take long for Thing 1 to realize that no matter which items he dropped and how different they were that they would always land at the same time. 

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 024

I then had him record/write about our experiment in his journal.  He drew a picture of him and I in the dining room.  He was dropping the items and I was standing there looking awesome!  I had him dictate one sentence about the experiment, which I wrote onto a small white board for him to copy into his journal.  His journal is how we are now working on handwriting and it goes over so much better than the handwriting sheets we were doing before. 

Totally 3:

This week Thing 2’s letter is the letter I.  We started off this week with I is for insects, although the more insect related ideas, didn’t get done. 

Handwriting/Letter of the Week:
I first had Thing 2 work on his name pre-write that I made a long time ago.  For the first time today, he was able to spell his whole name.

Next we moved onto a new exercise for Thing 2.  I had him us a push pin to poke holes in the letter I and i.  He definitely thought it was cool that he was able to use the push pin. 

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 011

This week our focus is on the numbers 1-3.  We used the butterflies counting cards from Confessions of a Homeschoolers Letter of the Week program to work on counting.  I was really impressed that Thing 2 was able to identify the numbers, 1, 2, and 4, because identifying the numeral is not something that I am stressing right now.  We were able to do the number 1-6 before Thing 2 decided he needed some milk.

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 014

This week’s shape is a square.  So as a simple way to introduce him to the shape, I cut several different color and sized squares for him to glue onto a sheet of paper.  It wasn’t the highlight of his day, but anything that uses glue is a hit around here.

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 015

Cutting Practice:
Thing 2 likes to cut, so each day I have decided to put a different cutting sheet into his workbox.  Cutting these papers can amuse him for a while and he is starting to do a great job.  However, one thing I have noticed lately is that he will use both his left hand and his right hand to cut.  I find it intringuing to watch.

10-17-11 School, all 3 boys, Letter I, Falling Objects 016

Letter Craft:
Lastly, to reinforce the letter I, I wanted him to make a butterfly using the letter I as the body and make some wings.  However, since he was fresh off cutting practice, he decided that he wanted to practice cutting more and there for decided to cut the papers we were using instead of cutting out the parts to make the whole.

What did you do today?


Fun @ 4 {Week 2} : Letters F – J


Today was F is for Fish.  We started the day with letter F handwriting practice, which turned out to be a needed review.  However, once I showed him once, he was good.

We then moved onto the super fun fish in a tank game.  Thing 1 did great, but in some ways I think he was more excited to eat the goldfish at the end of the game. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 011

Next up we worked with our sight word train and –an family train.  Thing 1 loves some trains.  We also did a couple of the worksheets from the You Can Read Set 3

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 014

Once we finished with our reading practice, we finished up with a quick craft.  I had Thing 1 glue the goldfish into the ocean to make the letter F and f.

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 016


We didn’t have school on Tuesday.


Since we did not have school on Tuesday, Thing 1 practiced writing both G and H.

In math we worked on patterns with golf balls.  At first I made patterns and had Thing 1 complete the pattern.  Then he decided he wanted to make a pattern for me.  I was excited to see him to take the initiative.  However, instead of Thing 1 letting me complete the pattern, he told me what to do.  So he was still getting the practice he needed.

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 010 

We also worked more with the –an family.  We reviewed the beloved –an family train and the we worked on a word/picture match activity.  He was a little reluctant at first, but then he got into it as he realized that it was easy.

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 019


Thursdays letter was I.  Since Thing 2 was using the geoboard to practice making the letter T, Thing 1 wanted to use the geoboard to make the letter I.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 023

After some sight word practice we did a fun activity.  I gave Thing 1 some sugar cubes.  I wanted to see what he would want to make the sugar cubes.  He immediately started making an igloo.  He even realized that he would have to have something on the inside to hold the igloo together.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 039


Daddy Cameron was available to play with the boys for a good part of the day, therefore, Daddy trumps school.

It was a great week for Thing 1.

Mommy Cameron

Fun at 4 {Week 2}

Fun at 4 (fill size)


This week is going to be a good review for Thing 1 who is fairly familiar with all the objectives below.  I hope to do a better job of sharing all the activities once we complete them.

  • counting 0-19
  • pattern practice
  • measurement
  • graphing


  • Sight Words: like, my, is, it (You Can Read Unit 3)
  • -an Word Family  (I am still trying to come up with a few more activities that relate to Thing 1’s interest.)


Handwriting is going to be a little boring until we finish reviewing the alphabet.


Arts and Crafts:

Each day our art/craft will relate to the letter of the day.  Here are our themes for our art/craft projects this week.

  • F – Fish
  • G – Golf  (Daddy Cameron was a golfer in college.)
  • H – Hammer
  • I – Igloo
  • J – Jell-O

My goal is to share any fun activities or games we do the day they happen and then do one bigger review of the week at the end of the week. My thought is this way I can share a few more of the activities we do that were fun or cute, but just weren’t the the top activity of the day.  We will see how that goes.

What are you and your 4 year old doing this week?