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Yummy ABC Printables

Towards the end of last year, Thing 2 showed a real interest in helping me in the kitchen.  Thus, I created Yummy ABCs for him.  However, as with any three-year old, his interest have changed.

I had created most of the alphabet and since we will not be using them, I won’t be writing any blog post about them.  So, in case there is anyone out there who might find them helpful, I thought I would put the whole collection that I completed in one blog post.

Each letter includes:
Beginning Writing
Letter Writing Practice
Blackout Game
Letter Maze
Lacing or Punching Pages
and more!

Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F
Letter G
Letter H
Letter I
Letter J
Letter K
Letter L
Letter M
Letter N
Letter O
Letter P
Letter Q
Letter R
Letter S
Letter T
Letter U
Letter V
Just to let you know, I have not done the final editing on most of them.  I usually do that once we have worked through them.  However, since we never worked through them, they were never fully edited.

Hope you enjoy!



Kids in the Kitchen : {Homemade Lemonade} LINK UP!

Welcome to the first Kids in the Kitchen Link Up!  In an effort to get my boys to eat more than PB&J and chicken nuggets, I have decided to have them help me cook.  Yes, this means that it takes longer to prepare a meal, but I if they eat what they make, it will be worth it. 

Here is where you come in, I need more recipes!  Each week I hope to share with you a recipe as well as a few of yours that sound interesting!

Thing 2 is in love with lemonade.  However, I refuse to buy the cheap powdered stuff from the store, although my husband would rather I did.  I love the real stuff and have turned the boys onto the real stuff (insert evil laugh).

1 cup lemon juice (approx. 3-4 medium lemons)
1/2 – 1 cup sugar
3-4 cups water

Squeeze the lemons.  It makes it easier to squeeze them if you roll them on the table first.

Then combine water and sugar.  Start with the low end of amount and adjust accordingly.  (We all have different tastes.)

Mix and Enjoy!

What have you and your kids made recently?  It is your turn to share.
1. Please link directly to the specific blog post, not your main blog.
2.  Please link back to Raising the Cameron Clan.  I’m sure I am not the only one out there looking for kid approved recipes, so let others know.
3.  Please consider following Raising the Cameron Clan, that way you are first to know when the new recipes are out there!

Leaf Impressions

Today the home learners group that Thing 1 inspired me to create, meet today for another fun learning activity.  The leaves are finally starting to change colors and fall off the trees here in North Texas and the weather has been beautiful.  So we meet at a local park where we then headed out on a nature walk.


salt dough (1 cup salt, 2 cups flour, 1 cup of water)
paper plates
dough rollers
leaves, flowers, etc..


First we headed out onto a local trail and let the kids collect.  They collected leaves and flowers.  A few (Thing 1 and Thing 2) collected sticks and acorns.  We also saw a small snake on our walk.  Each kiddo had a bag to hold their treasures.

11-2-11 Tree and Leaf Impression Playdate 022

11-2-11 Tree and Leaf Impression Playdate 028

11-2-11 Tree and Leaf Impression Playdate 029

Once we were done collecting or really we told the kids we done collecting we headed back to the park.  Since it was noon, we ate lunch first.  It is all about priorities with the kids.

Once lunch was over, I provided each kid with a paper plate and some salt dough.  They then worked hard rolling the dough flat.  The rolling pins really came in handy because they helped with the rolling process but also smoothed out the dough so that we had a nice smooth surface for making impressions.

11-2-11 Tree and Leaf Impression Playdate 057

After the dough was pretty thin and smooth, we helped the kids place leaves into the dough.  We found that using the rolling pins on top of the leaves helped make the impressions a little more uniformed.  Then the kids would pull the leaves up and we could see the prints. 

11-2-11 Tree and Leaf Impression Playdate 072

Thing 1 really enjoyed the project.  He took his time and worked hard to make his impressions work.  Thing 2 never really got around to putting leaves into his salt dough, instead he finished eating and then stuck his trains into the dough.

11-2-11 Tree and Leaf Impression Playdate 091

Taking the activity further:

To take the activity further you can work on classifying the different leaves that you have collected.  Leaves can be classified, by shapes, vein patterns, edges, the tip of the leaf, the bottom of the leaf, whether it is simple or compound, and so on. 

We are actually going to go into a little more detail about the different types of leaves next week as our science study.  I am excited and yes I am kind of weird like that.

What have you done with leaves?  

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Totally 3: Letter L Review

Since Thing 2 has missed at least one day each week of the four letters we have covered, I thought it might be a good idea to have a review week.  Almost everything we are using for our review week comes from the Letter of the Week Curriculum from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler

We started with the Letter L handwriting practice page.  However, instead of practicing the letter L, he decided to draw a heart.  Works for me.  Too bad I didn’t get a picture of his heart because he did an awesome job.

Then we used the ladybug shape match activity. 

10-24-11 Fog, Letter L, Space, School 027

Next he did the lion size sort, which was from our lion unit the first time around.  Then we moved onto the ladybug pattern pyramid from the Letter of the Week Curriculum.  While he was doing this activity it was interesting to watch his process.  Instead of just matching whatever colored ladybug he picked up, he purposely went color by color.  He would have to find and put all of the green ones in the pyramid before he would move on to the next color, which was the next one in the pyramid.   I love watching their thought processes.

10-24-11 Fog, Letter L, Space, School 020

We finished our day with the ladybug cutting page and a letter L color and find.  His cutting has dramatically improved.  I was also impressed with how determined he was to find all of the letter L’s in picture.

10-24-11 Fog, Letter L, Space, School 028

10-24-11 Fog, Letter L, Space, School 030

Today’s Totally 3!

Totally 3 {Week 1}

I am excited to start Totally 3, where I talk about Thing 2’s objectives for the week.  What makes this first Totally 3 so exciting is that it is actually Thing 2’s 3rd birthday today!  Happy Birthday Thing 2!

Totally 3 (Ful Size)

Letter of the Week : L

  • Lions
  • Lemons
  • Lemurs
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Leaves

Every day we will do an art/craft project and read a book that relates to the theme of the day.  We will be going to the zoo in honor of the lions, lemurs and Thing 2’s birthday. 


  • 1
  • 2


  • Heart

We will also continue to reinforce our colors with various activities throughout the week.  As with Fun at 4, I will share the best activities of the day once we have had a chance to do them.

What is your 3 year old up to?

Mommy Cameron

L is for Lion

Thing 3 and I “started over” in regards to the school year.  Each week we are still going to cover a letter a week.  However, instead of having one theme per letter, each day is going to be a different theme. 

Today we started with L is for lion.  We did a L is for lion week two weeks ago.  This was the week that I realized what we were doing for our home school wasn’t want I wanted from our home school.  That being said I only used one printable from that week, the pre-writing sheet. 

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 086

After using that prewriting sheet, we moved onto a much more exciting and hand on activity.  We made a lion from the letter L.  Thing 2’s favorite part was gluing the mane on the lion. 

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 089

Next we moved onto a lion paper craft {HERE} that had a heart shaped head.  Hearts are the shape we are focusing on this week.  This turned into some great cutting practice for Thing 2.  I was really impressed with how well he did.

9-26-11 Magnets, Lions, Apples 105

The rest of his “school” day was spent working on a heart scavenger hunt, sorting the colored hearts and graphing the hearts. 

At the end of the day, I reviewed everything again with him.  Unlike, two weeks ago, today he was able to identify the letter L.  I feel like today was so mush more successful than the whole entire week we had spent two weeks ago.  It was also a lot more fun.

How was your day?

More to come with the Letter L.

Mommy Cameron

Lions : Day 1

We started our L is for Lion Theme this morning.  The boys were ready to go right after breakfast.  While I was cleaning the kitchen, I found Thing 1 and Thing 2 in our classroom reading the books about lions that I displayed on top of the cubby shelf that houses Thing 3 distractions.

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 007

Once I finished cleaning the kitchen, I headed to the classroom so that we could do our morning time and read a couple of the lion books.  All three boys enjoyed the books about lions.  It amazes me how much Thing 1 has remembered from reading the book only once this morning. 

Next up was our lion craft.  Basically we used a paper plate and rotinini noodles to make a lion face.  Thing 1 did an awesome job on his.  Thing 2 just wanted to play in the glue.  Thing 3 wanted to get in on the action too, so I gave him a few of the noodles to explore while I helped the boys. 

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 017

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 019

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 013

We finished up our “school” later in the afternoon.  I started with Thing 2, who really got into the feeding the lion pre writing activity that I had made.  I am so glad that I had put it in a sheet protector, because he did it at least 4 times. 

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 022

We then worked with the pattern blocks.  The first design was the letter L.  Once we talked about what we were going to do, he took off and completed the L.  The next picture was a lion.  This definitely was a much more complicated picture.  However, he figured it quickly.  He was so happy each time he would figure out where a shape went.  This is how he finished his day. 

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 031

Next up it was Thing 1’s turn.  He reviewed the numbers 1-10, by lacing beads onto a pipe cleaner with a number taped to it.  I think he liked it at first, but then he grew a little tired of it. 

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 025

Then we worked on his reading.  We are covering the sight words: my, in, big, jump, down.  These are the sight words in the Ready to Read : Unit 3.  We are also working on the –at family words.  We covered all of these words using the sight word train that I had made especially for him.  The caterpillar that came with the Ready to Read Units, just wasn’t working for him.  So I made him a train, one of the advantages of home school. 

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 030

We were soon finished with all I had planned for the day, however, Thing 1 wasn’t done.  So I looking into tomorrow’s folder and let him pick out what he wanted to do.  He chose the math activity.  In this activity he rolls two dice and adds the numbers.  I even let him choose which dice he used.  He chose the two 12 sided dice.  Figures. 

9-11 and 9-12 2011 Roly Poly and Lions 033

To end the day, the boys and I played with something else that Starts with the letter L, Lincoln Logs. 

Learning with the Cameron Clan!

Theme : L is for Lions

I am excited for this week.  We are going to going to get into our schooling routine.  The boys want it.  I need it.  So it is time to get my tail feather in gear and get it done.  So we are starting with the letter L.  L, you ask, that is not how the alphabet starts.  But like I wrote a couple of weeks ago, L is the easiest upper and lower case letter to write.  Since I want to focus a little bit on Thing 1’s handwriting and Thing 2 is just beginning to write.  I figured L was the perfect place to start.  So here it is.

Lesson Plan:  This has what I have planned out and if it is something that I did not create myself, it has the link to where it can be found.  Click the picture to download.

L is for Lion Lesson Plan Advertisement

Here are the materials that I created to go with L is for Lion.  Click the picture to download.

L is for Lion Printable Advertisment

I know the boys are excited about this week, especially since we have been watching a lot of The Lion King.

We are going to ROAR into a great week!