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{Story & Art} The Very Hungry Caterpillar

All three of my boys love the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  So for our story and art activity this week, I decided we would use the book the Very Hungry Caterpillar and make our own webs.

Paper Plate Spider Web

paper plate
hole punch

1.  Take the paper plate and fold it in half so that you can cut the middle of the plate out.
2. Using the hole punch, make holes going around the outside of the plate.

3.  String your yarn through two of the holes and ties together in the back.
4.  Spin your web, by stringing the yarn between the many different holes.

5.  Tie and cut off any excess string and enjoy!


What Very Busy Spider crafts have you done?

The Sneaky Snake

As a family we are reading through The Beginner’s Bible and then doing some sort of craft or activity.  I want the craft to be simple and easy enough that even Thing 1 (who is 23 months) can do the activity just like his brothers.

This week we read and talked about Genesis 3, “The Sneaky Snake.”  When I was planning the activity a couple of weeks ago, one simple craft popped into my mind, a paper plate snake.


paper plate
markers, crayons, or whatever you want to decorate your snake with

1. Decorate both side of the paper plate.  It is easier to decorate the plate before you cut it.

2.  Starting in the middle of the plate, partially cut out a head shape, but before you get back to the beginning of the circle, start cutting around the plate in a spiral pattern.

3.  Decorate a head.

The boys loved their snakes and played with them most of the day and the best part was that Thing 3 got to make something just like his brothers. I never got a picture of Thing 3’s finished product 🙁


What activities have you done along with Genesis 3?  What other ways have you made snakes?

{Totally 3} S is for Snakes

Thing 2 had another great week of school this week.  I am so glad that he is finally the slightest bit motivated.  He also is demonstrating to me that he actually remembers what we have been learning.

This weeks letter was the letter S, which of course stood for snakes.  One of his favorite props this week was the small container of snakes that we got while we were on vacation.

We are loosely following the Horizons Kindergarten math curriculum.  This week we continued to focus on counting 1 -10.

We also worked on identifying first, middle and last using our snakes.

Thing 2 also worked on identifying and writing the numbers 1-3.

Each week Thing 2 is practicing writing his letters.  I am trying to find fun ways to do this activity since doing it on paper all the time can get a little boring.  So this week I brought out the shaving cream for him to use as we practiced writing the letters S and s.  We also need to experience wearing it too!

We also did one of our favorite games, letter blackout.  You have a board that is nothing but the letter you are studying.  Each person take a turn rolling a die.  You color or dot out that many spaces.  The person who fills the board first wins.

We also used play dough to make snakes and to form the letters and numbers we were studying the week.  I think he honestly like playing with the play dough more than he liked the shaving cream.

Pre Reading Skills:
I am also trying to work on making sure that not only can Thing 2 identify the letter, but that he also knows the sound that each letter makes.  Honestly, he knows the sound better for the letters than he does the name.  So we worked on finding objects that start with the letter s.

We also read books together where I had him find the letters S and s on each page.  It becomes like a hide and seek game and he loves to do this.  I have him say the letter and make the letter sound every time he locates one.

{HERE} are the printables I made to go with the letter S.

What fun activities have you done with the letter s? 



Yummy ABC Printables

Towards the end of last year, Thing 2 showed a real interest in helping me in the kitchen.  Thus, I created Yummy ABCs for him.  However, as with any three-year old, his interest have changed.

I had created most of the alphabet and since we will not be using them, I won’t be writing any blog post about them.  So, in case there is anyone out there who might find them helpful, I thought I would put the whole collection that I completed in one blog post.

Each letter includes:
Beginning Writing
Letter Writing Practice
Blackout Game
Letter Maze
Lacing or Punching Pages
and more!

Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F
Letter G
Letter H
Letter I
Letter J
Letter K
Letter L
Letter M
Letter N
Letter O
Letter P
Letter Q
Letter R
Letter S
Letter T
Letter U
Letter V
Just to let you know, I have not done the final editing on most of them.  I usually do that once we have worked through them.  However, since we never worked through them, they were never fully edited.

Hope you enjoy!



A Preschool CoOp and Summer Theme Continues

After my morning run, the boys and I headed to a play date, so that we could meet with some ladies who are starting a preschool cooperative.  {A cooperative is basically where we all split the “teaching” duties between everyone in the group.  Each time we meet a new person “teaches” the lesson.}  As we were beginning our home school adventure I had considered starting a coop of my own as a way to make help insure that the boys are able to learn from other people and that they are still around a normal classroom like setting. 

However, as many of my perspective coop friends moved away, I was not sure what to do.  I discovered that one of the playgroups I wasn’t very active in was trying to start a coop preschool.  Thus, leading us to the meeting/play date that we had this morning. 

The group that they are planning to start would be a twice a week preschool where each mom would teach one subject a day.  It sounds very promising, but I am not sure that I want to commit to a twice a week preschool. To be honest one of the things I was most excited about Thing 1 not going to preschool was the freedom that we would have in our schedule.  There are so many great things to do in the area, that I am excited to explore.  If we commit to this we would only have Mondays free to do anything, including errands.  So I am not sure what we are going to do.

After our meeting/play date, lunch and a little bit of rest time, Thing 1, Thing 2 and I did a little bit of school.

Thing 1 and I played a game that helped him practice writing his numbers.  We also worked on reading some sentences that contained the sight words: a, and, see, the, I and the –at and –an word families.  He is always excited when he reads a sentence.

8-10-11 HS 001

Thing 2 and I practiced counting.   

8-10-11 HS 004

Another day of learning fun!

Summer Theme : Day 1

After our short afternoon rest, when I asked the boys if they wanted to do school, they both immediately ran to the dining room a.k.a school room.  It is great to see both of the boys really getting into this whole doing school at home thing. 

We started out summer theme today.

I introduced Thing 1 to some new sight words and the –at and –an word families.  One of the ways we went over our –at and –an family words was by using the Paint Chip Phonics cards that I created this weekend.  Thing 1 was a little skeptical at first, but I think it had more to do with him being super tired than anything else.  However, by the end of our 30 minute homeschool lesson for the day, Thing 1 was reading the –at family word book that came along in the Ready to Read – Unit 1 reading printables that I am using with him.  After we had finished “school” for the day he went and found the book Mr. Popper’s Penguins and was looking at it.  He would run to me every time he found on of the words he had learned to read. 

8-9-11 Homeschool 002

The plan was to work with Thing 2 on his name, however, he just wasn’t interested.  However, when I suggested that we work on cutting he was all about it.  So after I had finished doing “school” with Thing 1 I worked with Thing 2 on cutting.  We made some great progress today.  I was also able to sneak in a little pre writing practice and shape recognition while we were practicing our cutting.  Although, I didn’t get the name stuff in, we still had a successful day.

8-9-11 Homeschool 004

Something that came to my attention today is that I need to work on finding more fun, and different ways to work on writing with Thing 1.  I think we are both becoming tired and bored of worksheets.  So that is my next mission, to find some more exciting ways to practice writing.


Theme of the Week: Summer

Since it has been over 100 degrees for who knows how many days, I thought it would only be appropriate that our theme be Summer.  I am still working on my planning process, so much like last week and the week before, things are a work in progress.  Since I wrote this lesson, I have already changed the format for the next few lesson plans.

So here it is…

Summer Lesson Plan

If you would like a copy of the lesson plans where the links actually work, email me.  I created this lesson so that the activities link to the page where the activity is located.  This has become a real time saver when it comes to printing everything for the week.