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Yummy ABC Printables

Towards the end of last year, Thing 2 showed a real interest in helping me in the kitchen.  Thus, I created Yummy ABCs for him.  However, as with any three-year old, his interest have changed.

I had created most of the alphabet and since we will not be using them, I won’t be writing any blog post about them.  So, in case there is anyone out there who might find them helpful, I thought I would put the whole collection that I completed in one blog post.

Each letter includes:
Beginning Writing
Letter Writing Practice
Blackout Game
Letter Maze
Lacing or Punching Pages
and more!

Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F
Letter G
Letter H
Letter I
Letter J
Letter K
Letter L
Letter M
Letter N
Letter O
Letter P
Letter Q
Letter R
Letter S
Letter T
Letter U
Letter V
Just to let you know, I have not done the final editing on most of them.  I usually do that once we have worked through them.  However, since we never worked through them, they were never fully edited.

Hope you enjoy!



Tongue Mapping

Today the boys and I hosted a couple of families from our home learners group for a fun science activity.  I have been in search of some fun science activities for the boys, however, when I came across this idea, I knew it might be fun to do with our home learners group.

salt water (salty)
sugar water (sweet)
lemon juice (sour)
vanilla extract (bitter)
cup of water to drink
tongue picture (here a scanned copy of the tongue I drew)

Set Up:

Before everyone arrived I had the tongue printout, 4 different colored crayons, 4 q-tips, and the 4 solutions set out on the table for each kiddo.  I cut up old egg cartons so that each kid could have their own set of the 4 solutions.

Pre Activity Discussion:

Before we started the activity, we talked about the purpose of our tongues and what on our tongue allows us to taste.  We also talked about things that taste salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.  At this point the kids were ready to get started.


Take one q-tip and dip it into one of the four solutions.  Touch that q-tip over different parts of your tongue.  Then color (or put an X) on the area of your tongue where the taste was strongest.  Repeat this for all of the solutions.

Staring down the first solution.


It was really funny to watch the kids taste the different solutions.  It was also interesting to see how each one of them reacted to the different tastes.  The sugar water was the favorite, the vanilla extract was the least favorite.  However, the salty and sour varied from child to child.  Also, each childs tongue map was just a little bit different, however, for the most part they were fairly similar.

Wiping the salty solution off his tongue.

Have you every done a tongue map?




Back to “Normal”

Things are finally returning back to “normal” around here since the lightning strike last week.  Today the boys and I had a much more typical day although our school day was cut a little short.

Totally 3:

Thing 2 and I continued his review of all the letters we have been through before.  Today was the letter T (for Turtles).  Like we did on Monday, I am using different pieces parts of the Letter of the Week curriculum.  Thing 2 started with some prewriting practice.  Then we moved on to a letter Tt poking sheet.  Thing 2 really enjoys using the push pin to poke the letters. 

10-26-11 School and C first forward ride 002

We then moved onto the turtle graphing exercise provided.  However, we never got to the graphing part of the activity, but Thing 2 did get some great one to one counting practice done.

10-26-11 School and C first forward ride 003

He then finished the day cutting out and putting together the cut and paste turtle in the Letter of the Week curriculum.  Shortly after he finished with his turtle, he drew a couple of hearts in his journal, then he was done.

Fun @ 4:

Thing 1 had a rough start to his school day.  He is fine with the sight words, but he does not seem to want to practice reading.  I just have not found the right approach with him.  However, we did get it done and I think he surprised himself with how much he really knew.

Next we continued our measurement study.  Today I traced Thing 1, Thing 2 and my foot and hand.  Then I introduced Thing 1 to a ruler and we measured the distance of each foot or hand.  A couple of times the numbers didn’t fall really close to a full inch, so I was able to introduce the idea of rounding up.  After only a couple of examples, Thing 1 was able to finish up all the measurements. 

10-26-11 School and C first forward ride 010

Learning about the sun was next up on the agenda.  First we talked about how the earth orbits the sun.  I stole this idea from a friend at Crunchy and Green.  However, could not find a small blue marble, so I found a bouncy ball.  It just gave us another reason to talk about the size of the sun and earth.

10-26-11 School and C first forward ride 012

He then colored his salt dough sun, a wonderful shade of green (I don’t know)  completing our solar system.  We will be working on putting it together in the next couple of days. 

We didn’t get to our journal for the day since Thing 3 was awake and we wanted to get to the park to meet some other homeschooling families. 

We had a great day, and I am really loving homeschooling and so are the boys.

Anyone have any reading programs they love or that have worked for them? 

Totally 3 {Week 2} : Letter Tt


We started with letter T.  Todays theme was trains, although we really didn’t do a lot with trains today.  We began our day with some pre writing practice.  Back a couple of weeks ago, I had made a prewrite page that connected the letters of his name.  He absolutely loved it. 

While I scrambled to get a few things together that I had forgot to do last night, Thing 2 worked on a train color by number sheet.  Then once I finally came back, I helped Thing 2 color the page correctly.  I absolutely loved that one on one time with him and even better I loved seeing him getting into his learning. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 005

Next I had him make a capital T and a lower case t on the geoboard.  He thought that was pretty cool.  Granted it was a little difficult for him, he loved playing with the rubber bands. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 003

Next up, I had him use the pattern blocks to make the letter T.  He loved that.  It is so adorable to see his happy face when he figures our a difficult part or completes the picture. 

10-3-11 Letter T (T2) and Letter F (T1) - Day 1 006




Wednesday was T is for Trucks.  We started out by driving some trucks on our letter T and t roads.  This was a big hit for Thing 2. 

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 002

Next I was finally able to try out the Engine Shed game with Thing 2, except we used cars instead of trains.  This game was a bigger hit with Thing 2 than it was for Thing 1.  I loved his face each time he would recognize the number. 

10-5-11 Letter T and Letter GH -an family 004

Once I was able to convince him to stop the game.  I helped Thing 2 make his stained glass heart for his shape this week.  It was also good cutting practice.


T is for Turtle.  We played the with the geoboard again today.  As soon as I put it down he got right to work.  It is great motor skills practice.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 007

Then we played a shape matching game.  He struggled a little bit at first, but as soon as he figured it out he was on a roll.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 011

Next on the agenda was a little counting practice.  I gave him a turtle and I had him roll a die and count the dots.  He would then place that many pom-poms on the turtle.

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 015

To end the day, I had made a turtle with different color circles on it.  He had to glue the same color pom pom to the same color circle.  It was great practice for colors and using only a little bit of glue. He was so proud of his work. 

10-6-11 Letter T and Letter I 026

Thing 2 had a great day today.  He was having such a good time and he wanted to learn.  He actually asked me for more school stuff to do.  I love it!


Daddy Cameron was home and available to play most of the day, and Daddy Cameron trumps school any day.

I loved how much Thing 2 got into school this week.  He is really starting to love it as much as Thing 1, which means I will have to start planning more for him to do.

Mommy Cameron

Totally 3 {Week 2} : Letter Tt

Totally 3 (Ful Size)


This week is all about the letter T.  I have a feeling that Thing 1 is going to want to be involved in Thing 2’s work also, he loves lots of things that start with the letter T.

  • trains
  • trucks
  • turtles
  • teeth


We are still focusing on the numbers 1 and 2 this week.  However, there are several activities that will have him counting up to 6. 


Technically we are suppose to finish up our second week of hearts, but Thing 2 has this down so instead we are going to focus on playing some fun shape matching games that go with our daily themes.  These activities will help familiarize him with circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, stars and hearts. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to share the activity that was the biggest hit (if there was one) the day that it happens and then do a bigger weekly wrap up at the end of the week with more of our activities.

Mommy Cameron

Train Math Activities

Thing 1 is obsessed with trains.  On a daily basis you can find him playing trains, begging you to play trains, drawing trains, begging you to draw trains or reading about trains.  With this weeks theme being transportation, I knew we would  have a day with trains.  Since we are doing kind of an off week as I restructure our home school, I am focusing more on the fun activities as opposed to some of the other things that are not as much fun (like handwriting). 

Today we did two math train activities.  We did both of these activities using our wooden Thomas the Tank Engine trains, but you could use paper trains or even cars.

Engine Shed Game


numbered parking spaces {HERE}
I die {6 sided or 12 sided}

To Play:

We used the 12 sided die, so I would roll the die and call out the number.  He would drive his car to the appropriate numbered engine shed.

9-19-11 Random and Train Math Activities 013


If you are using a 6 sided die that only has dots (not numerals) then you can let your kiddo roll the die, count the dots, then park his train.  {This was going to be my plan with Thing 2, but he took a much needed nap today.}

You could also turn this into an addition activity by using multiple dice and changing the numbers on the board accordingly.

Making Trains


at least one 6 sided die
trains (or cars)

To Play:

Take turns rolling the die.  The number that you roll corresponds to the number of “coaches” (trains) that you get to add to your train.  At the end of 6 rounds.  You add up the total number of trains to see who has the longest train.

9-19-11 Random and Train Math Activities 021

9-19-11 Random and Train Math Activities 025

This game was a big hit.  What made it even better is that it introduced several math concepts.  The first was one to one correspondence, in counting the dots on the die as well as at the end when we counted all the trains.  Secondly, it introduced the idea of addition.  Lastly, we talked about measurement, because some trains are longer than other trains, so you couldn’t just look at the trains to see who won, you had to count. 

We played this game several times and we probably would have played a little more, but after I beat Thing 1 for the third time, he was done and just wanted to play. 

Can you think of any other variations to these games?

I linked up at:

18 Wheelers

About a month back, I asked the boys what they wanted to learn about.  We happened to be in the car at the time.  So one of the subjects that came up was 18 wheelers.  Thus, the reasoning behind this weeks theme.  The boys also like to watch Ice Road Truckers, so this is a very boy inspired theme this week at our house. 

Click {18 Wheelers Lesson Plan } to view the PDF file.

18 Wheeler

Also, I have created a few pages that we will be using during this weeks theme.

Click {18 Wheeler Files } to get the files.

To be honest, I am not sure how much of this lesson plan we are going to actually do this week.  I got back from San Francisco last night and we are leaving to go out of town on Friday.  So it is going to be a short/fast week.

Happy Truckin’!


Thomas : Day 2

Today was much like yesterday.  From the moment that the boys woke up they were ready to do some school. 

Here is a much shorter recap of the days events:

Thing 1

  • Started with some writing practice.  This is probably Thing 1’s least favorite part of school. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 010

  • We also worked on some reading practice.  I think this is starting to be his favorite part, because he is actually starting to be able to read words in real books.  Also, I think that he responds a little better to the You Can Read sight word curriculum than he does to the Ready to Read curriculum.  The You Can Read program is a little more active.  There seems to be a little more variety within the program.  Ready to Read, is a great program but it has several activities that Thing 1 does not respond or want to do.  I think we are going to continue to do the program, however I am going to add some activities that are more similar to the You Can Read program to keep him interested. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 015


Thing 2

  • He was really excited about doing school today.  Lately everywhere we go, if he sees the letter B, he yells, it’s a letter B.   So while I worked with Thing 1 on his reading, Thing 2 started with his size sequencing.  He has quickly figured out how they work.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 014

  • Next came a little pre writing practice.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 016

  • We followed up with some cutting practice.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 019

  • Lastly, planned for the day was a shape sorting activity.  We started by reviewing all the shapes.  Once we had reviewed all the shapes, I would give him a card and he would match it.  However, once we had finished the activity he asked for the “rocks,” so he could cover up the pictures.  So we turned that into a game, in that every time he put a rock on a picture he had to tell me the shape. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 020

  • I thought we were done, however, he saw the pre writing sheets with Thomas and Percy on them that he had done yesterday and wanted to do those again.  Who am I to stop him?

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 022

Yes, I know he is holding the marker wrong.  He was doing it right before I took the picture.  Figures.

Just another day Learning with the Cameron Clan!

Theme of the Week : Thomas and Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine is a favorite around the Cameron house.  So this week we are going to learn surrounded by our favorite toys.  Click on the picture below to get a better look at this weeks lesson plan.

Thomas and Friends (Aug 22-26, 2011)

Thomas and Friends Lesson Plan

Learning with the Cameron Clan!

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