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{Little Mathematicians} Sneaky Train Addition

We are still following along with the Singapore Math 1A curriculum (I only bought the workbook), but I have been making the concepts our own.  This week, one lesson was working on the factors that add up to 6.  If you have been around this blog for any time at all you know that Thing 1 is obsessed with trains.  So I decided to create a way for him to practice figuring out what is needed to make 6.

I took the blank trains that I created and on the engine I wrote the number 6 and put 6 dots on it.  Then on each of the coaches I wrote a number and put the corresponding number of dots.

I then presented Thing 1 with the engine and all the coaches. I had him pick out a coach.  Then he had to figure out what other coach was needed to get to six so that it could join the engine.

I was surprised how much he really liked this simple game.  He actually asked to play it several times, which was great because it gave him more practice.

You can get the blank trains {HERE}.

Now it’s your turn!  What fun math ideas have you done this week?

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    Let’s get this party started!

    {Little Mathematicians} Roll and Park (cars, trains, trucks, etc)

    One of the things that I have grown to love about homeschooling is the ability to take any curriculum and relate it to my boys interest.  It makes the learning more meaningful and interesting.

    Number/Word Recognition Activities:

    This week Thing 1 worked on number/word recognition with a game that involved using trains.  I created two boards, one with the words for the numbers 0-5 and the second with the words for the numbers 5-10.

    For basic practice, have the student roll the die (provided) and park their train (car, truck, horse, animal, rock, etc.).

    To add an element of competition, print out one board per person.  Take turns rolling the die.  The person to fill their board first wins.

    We were doing the game, I just forgot to print out two boards, so we shared.  I am the rocks and he is the trains.

    The printables for the Parking Spot Game are {HERE}.

    The second activity is a simple memory game, where you match the numeral with the corresponding word.

    The printables for the Memory Game are {HERE}.

    Counting and numeral recognition:

    I also created a version of this game for Thing 2.  He practiced counting the 1-6 and identifying the corresponding number.  The boards I created for him has the numbers 1-6 printed in the parking spots.  I had him roll a die, count the dots, and then park his car in the correct spot.

    The printables for the counting/numeral recogniton are {HERE}.

    {Little Mathematicians} Trains Roll and Graph

    Thing 1 is obsessed with trains.  Part of the Saxon 1 math curriculum we are loosely following called for graphing one day this week.  One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling is being able to adapt the material to my sons’ interests.  So instead of graphing the hair color in our household, which wouldn’t be a very fun graph, I created a roll and graph activity for Thing 1.  He LOVED it.  He actually asked me if I could print him off another one so that he could have the different colored trains “race” again.

    This activity let’s him practice his graphing and counting.  It also allowed us to talk about ordinal numbers as well as what a “tie” is when it comes to competition.

    HERE is a copy of the printables I made.  It includes the graph, a paper die to put together or pictures that can be used in a photo cube.

    Here are a few other math ideas that go with a train theme.

    Train Math Activities

    Now it is your turn to share your fun math activities.

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      {Little Mathematicians} Silly String + Math

      Our neighbors brought us a three cans silly string that they had at their house because they thought I “needed the mess.” 

      Anyway, since we haven’t done any “formal” school this week, I thought I would turn the silly string into a simple measurement activity before we just had fun.

      Silly string
      measuring tape
      writing utensil


      1.  I set up the measuring tape and had the boys guess (estimate) how far they thought they could spray the silly string.  This was good number, estimating and measuring practice.  We recorded these answers.

      2.  Then I had each boy take a turn standing behind the line and spray his silly string.

      3. The boys and I then used the measuring tape to measure how far the each boys spot his silly string.  Again, good measurement and numbers practice.  We then recorded our answers.

      4.  We then talked about whose went the farthest, whose went the shortest, and possible reasons why that had happened.

      5. Enjoy spraying the silly string.

      This was a simple activity that only took a little bit of time and we were able to get a little bit of math practice into our day.  Also, the boys loved being able to play with the silly string.

      How have you used silly string?

      Little Mathematicians : {First Edition} Linky!

      Being a former high school math teacher, math is one of my passions.  Now that I am homeschooling my boys, I love to share that passion with them.  I think math can and should be interesting and exciting, so I am on a quest to find fun ways to teach math.  That is where you come in, each week I want you to share the fun ways you teach math. 

      Each week I want to feature some of the fun ways you teach math, as well as share some of the ways I have shared math with my boys.  I am in need of some new ideas, so what better place to go to, but other moms.

      This week Thing 2 and I worked on one to one counting with jingle bells, color sorting and graphing, and AB patterns.  I have to say that by far Thing 2’s favorite activity was the AB pattern practice because it involved M&Ms.  You can read more about Thing 2’s week HERE.

      We wrote out a key, where we identified what color M&M was going to represent each letter.  Then I wrote the pattern below and he worked to make the pattern with the M&Ms.  Of course, his favorite part was eating the pattern at the end.

      Another favorite math activity was one we did that related to the movie Cars.  See More Cars Fun.

      Now it’s your turn.  Do you have a fun math game or activity to share?  Please link up your post below.

      Let’s see our Little Mathematicians in action!
      1.  Please link directly to your specific blog posts.  That way we can easily find your idea.
      2.  Please link back to Raising the Cameron Clan either in a specific blog post or in your sidebar.  This will allow others to discover some math fun!
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