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Final Day: Robots!

Today was the last day or our robot theme.  The boys definitely responded better to the robot theme, than they did to last weeks summer theme. 

My goal for each theme is to finish each week with a project of some sort.  Some weeks it may be a craft, others a book or a lapbook, or maybe just something that is a lot of fun.  This week we went with a fun project.  We created robots made out of our recyclable materials.  Thing 1 absolutely loved this.  He has constantly been playing with his robot and the robot that Daddy Cameron made. 

Our supplies:

8-19-11 Dark Play, making robots, robot hs 009

The finished project, the first time:

8-19-11 Dark Play, making robots, robot hs 010

The finished project the second time (we added arms):

8-19-11 Dark Play, making robots, robot hs 018

Daddy Cameron’s finished robot:

8-19-11 Dark Play, making robots, robot hs 030

Thing 1 and I also did a little bit of “work” today.  We worked on our sight words, {I, can, me, you} and I introduced fractions.  Since Thing 2 was sleeping during school today, Thing 1 and I were able to finish school quickly, so that he could get back to playing with his robot.

Working on our robot fractions:

8-19-11 Dark Play, making robots, robot hs 036

Lastly, here is a picture of our bulletin board with this weeks work on it.  It doesn’t look like much, because we used sheet protectors and dry erase boards, because the boys love it.  So a lot of our work was erased.  I guess in the future, I can hang the stuff the last time that we use it.

8-19-11 Dark Play, making robots, robot hs 042

Learning with the Cameron Clan! 


Robots : Day 2

Today was a great day in our little homeschool.  Originally, I was thinking that school wasn’t going to happen, because the boys are still really tired from their colds.  However, when I mentioned not doing school today and everyone taking naps instead, Thing 1 immediately, said, “no, I want to do school, school is fun.”  How can I say no to that?

So after a bit of rest time, the boys and I began our “school” for the day.  We started with a little bit of handwriting practice.  Thing 1 can write all his letters, but he doesn’t form them “correctly,” so we are going to have to focus a little more on handwriting for a while.

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 004

Next, to incorporate Thing 1’s number, sight words and a little more handwriting practice we used his sensory {rice} bin.  I hid cards with numbers and the sight words written on them in the rice.  As he would pull a card out of the bin, he would tell me what it says and then write it in his journal. 

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 006

During this time, Thing 2 was working on sorting different robots by sizes.  Once he was finished sorting the robots by sizes, he then took it upon himself to sort them by color.

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 007

Then we moved on to some sight word practice for Thing 1 and cutting practice for Thing 2. 

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 012

8-16-11 Robot HS Day 2 014

It was a fun and successful day, it really makes the late nights worth it.

Robots : Day 1

Today was the first day of our robot theme.  To be honest I wasn’t sure it was going to happen because all three boys have colds.  Lots of boogers and tiredness hanging around our house today.  However, after rest time, Thing 1 and Thing 2 were still awake, so I asked them if they wanted to do school and they both said “yes!” and ran to the table. 

I have decided that each day after we have done our calendar board, I will give them a little warm up activity that relates to each boys objectives for the week. 

This week Thing 1 is going to learn the sight words: I, can, me, you.  We are going to continue with the –at and –an word families and we are going to work more with the numbers 11-15.  Along with some fun robot stuff.

Thing 2 is going to work on mainly on recognizing and spelling his name as well as understanding and recognizing the numbers 1 and 2. 

Thing 3 is going to practice walking!

This afternoon our warm up activity consisted of using our magnetic alphabet letters/numbers and the magnetic white boards.  I gave each boy a basket with and their own white board.  Thing 1’s basket consisted of the number cars 10-15 and the correct magnetic numbers to make each number, as well as the ones needed to spell his name.  Thing 2’s basket had the numbers 1 and 2, and the letters to his name. 

On Thing 2’s board I wrote his name with a dry erase marker and then had him match up the letters.  Thing 1 had the cars with the numbers he needed to make on it and I set him free.

8-15-11 Robot HS and Carson walking 003

8-15-11 Robot HS and Carson walking 002

Once the warm up was completed they were really ready to go.  Thing 1 worked on some handwriting and identifying the numbers 1-15.

8-15-11 Robot HS and Carson walking 005

We then worked on our sight words and –an and –at family words.   He really like the trains that I made him that have the words on them. 

8-15-11 Robot HS and Carson walking 006

Thing 2 worked on identify and coloring R and r.  We also did a little bit of robot graphing, then he turned his graphing paper into cutting practice.

8-15-11 Robot HS and Carson walking 004

We ended the day with a game of robot dominoes.  However, at one point, Thing 2 who was a little tired ran off and hid some of the dominoes making it a little hard to finish our game.  I did eventually find them and Thing 1 proceeded to beat me.  Oh well. 

8-15-11 Robot HS and Carson walking 007

Despite finishing all of his school for the day, Thing 1 wanted to do more so I printed him off a robot graph of his own and he filled it out.  Surprisingly the yellow won (that’s Thing 1’s favorite color.)

I also introduced the boys to their Spanish word of the week.  We live in Texas, Spanish is a good thing to know, so my goal is to introduce one Spanish word a week.  We are starting off pretty simple with the word hola.  So, this afternoon when Daddy Cameron called to let us know he was on his way home, Thing 1 said he wanted to talk to daddy.  So when Daddy Cameron answered, Thing 1 said “hola.”  I am pretty sure Daddy Cameron was a little confused at first, but then he caught it.  Then a little later in the evening when G-G called, Thing 1 said hola to her. 

Oh, and Thing 3 was successful at “School” today.  We took a few more steps.

8-15-11 Robot HS and Carson walking 009

Even though I was worried about the boys and their colds, we had a great day at “school.”  Thing 1 is already asking what we are doing tomorrow. 



One thing I learned from last week, is that the boys were not interested in the summer theme that I had chose.  Which made me realize that if I want the boys to enjoy learning, then I should help them learn about the things that interest them. 

Thus, one day last week I asked the boys what they wanted to learn about.  I got the typical boys answers of cars, trucks, motorcycles, fire trucks, trains, etc.

So I worked super hard this weekend, thanks to my husband entertaining the boys, and came up with our new theme of the week Robots!  I even got my act together and checked out library books, both fiction and nonfiction, to go along with our theme.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 have already enjoyed looking at our robot books. 

I am hoping that this weeks theme excites the boys a little more considering that they ask to do “school” every day.  So here is a look at our lesson plan this week.  

Robot Lesson Plan


  • YCR(2) is the You Can Read sight word curriculum that I found online.  Thing 1 has responded well to this curriculum.
  • Most of the activities that are linked (written in blue on the document) are from the website Homeschool Creations.  I am using different parts of the robot preschool pack she has made.

This is an outline of what we are going to attempt this week.  There are some spaces that I will need to fill, but I will get there. 

Happy Learning!