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Thomas : Day 3

Today we completed day 3 of our Thomas and Friends theme.  The boys are still loving school.  I say school, and they start running.  I am sure there will be a day soon, when they don’t come running, but I am enjoying every minute of it while they do.

School happened a little differently today for a couple of different reasons.  First, since the boys have been so in to school this week, we have done almost everything I have had planned for the week, and then some.  Therefore, today was spent doing a lot of things that we had already done.  However, I did try and change them up so that they felt “new.”

Secondly, I was able to work with each boy individually.  Today I put together a few “centers” for one boy to do while I worked with the other.  I literally put them together 2 minutes before we started school, but despite the lack of planning, I was able to get the one on one time that I desired.   So I consider it a success that I am going to start adding into my planning. 

Since I was able to work with each boy one on one, I was able to do the play doh activity with Thing 2 that I have wanted to try.  I am so happy that we were able to do that, because he absolutely loved it.  He did several different shapes after we did his name a couple of times.

8-24-11 HS Thomas Day 3 016

Thing 1 had a pretty light day since he has completed just about everything for the week.  We did do some word family practice and some sight word tracing.

8-24-11 HS Thomas Day 3 025

This week has definitely taught me that I need to plan a few more activities.  Honestly, I had no planned a lot since I will be out of town on Friday.  In hindsight, I should have planned Friday, because that would have allowed me to have some more activities for tomorrow.  I will be winging tomorrow, but I don’t think the boys will mind as long as they get to do school.

Just another day Learning with the Cameron Clan!

Thomas : Day 2

Today was much like yesterday.  From the moment that the boys woke up they were ready to do some school. 

Here is a much shorter recap of the days events:

Thing 1

  • Started with some writing practice.  This is probably Thing 1’s least favorite part of school. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 010

  • We also worked on some reading practice.  I think this is starting to be his favorite part, because he is actually starting to be able to read words in real books.  Also, I think that he responds a little better to the You Can Read sight word curriculum than he does to the Ready to Read curriculum.  The You Can Read program is a little more active.  There seems to be a little more variety within the program.  Ready to Read, is a great program but it has several activities that Thing 1 does not respond or want to do.  I think we are going to continue to do the program, however I am going to add some activities that are more similar to the You Can Read program to keep him interested. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 015


Thing 2

  • He was really excited about doing school today.  Lately everywhere we go, if he sees the letter B, he yells, it’s a letter B.   So while I worked with Thing 1 on his reading, Thing 2 started with his size sequencing.  He has quickly figured out how they work.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 014

  • Next came a little pre writing practice.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 016

  • We followed up with some cutting practice.

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 019

  • Lastly, planned for the day was a shape sorting activity.  We started by reviewing all the shapes.  Once we had reviewed all the shapes, I would give him a card and he would match it.  However, once we had finished the activity he asked for the “rocks,” so he could cover up the pictures.  So we turned that into a game, in that every time he put a rock on a picture he had to tell me the shape. 

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 020

  • I thought we were done, however, he saw the pre writing sheets with Thomas and Percy on them that he had done yesterday and wanted to do those again.  Who am I to stop him?

8-23-11 HS Thomas Day 2 022

Yes, I know he is holding the marker wrong.  He was doing it right before I took the picture.  Figures.

Just another day Learning with the Cameron Clan!

Theme of the Week : Thomas and Friends

Thomas the Tank Engine is a favorite around the Cameron house.  So this week we are going to learn surrounded by our favorite toys.  Click on the picture below to get a better look at this weeks lesson plan.

Thomas and Friends (Aug 22-26, 2011)

Thomas and Friends Lesson Plan

Learning with the Cameron Clan!

Thomas : Day 1

“I love school!” That is the way school began this afternoon for the Cameron Clan.  Both Thing 1 and Thing 2 were excited for school today, especially when they learned that this weeks theme is Thomas the Train. 

To get Thing 1 started, because he was chomping at the bit, I gave him the follow the line and the path to the yard maze type things.  This also served as a little bit of writing practice for the day. 

While Thing 1 was working on the mazes, I started Thing 2 on his Thomas prewrite sheet that I made. 

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 001

We had finished our pre writing sheet and wanted to color.

Next up I helped Thing 1 start with a number recognition game.  I had made cards with numbers and that many of one of the Thomas characters on them.  He would roll the math dice that I have with 12 sides.  He would then have to say the number name and locate that number card.  I had originally planned to make this a more active game by having him run to find the number, but he wasn’t feeling it, so he just sat at the table. 

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 003

While Thing 1 played his game, I helped Thing 2 with his prewrite.

Next I handed Thing 1 his sight word activities for the day that are from the Ready to Read Curriculum that Annie at The Moffat Girls created.  He quickly did the sight word color by number.  I have discovered he is not a big fan of color by number worksheets.  He then did the read it, trace it, paste it worksheet.  Well he read it and traced it, he didn’t want to paste it.  Then we read the –ip family book.  I was really proud of how well he did.  The only problems he had came when he came to the new word family words that we just started talking about today.

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 004

Thing 2 worked on his one to one counting using the same number cards with the different trains on them.  We practice counting by covering each small picture on the card with a rock (glass rocks for decorating).  He loves to cover up all of the little pictures.  This wasn’t exactly what I had planned, but it worked.

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 007

We were supposed to play a matching game, but due to an unfortunate accident with my thumb, I wasn’t able to cut out the matching game, but I will work on that tonight. 

So, I thought we were done for the day.  Wrong, Thing 1 wanted to do more school, so we did one of Thing 2’s activities and then we did some math problems. 

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 006

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 008

Despite the fact that only half of what I had planned went off without problems, the boys had a good day.  To finish off the school day they were writing/drawing on their white boards and reading the new library books that we got today.

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 010

8-22-11 HS Thomas Day 1 012

I promise that every day that I school the boys I learn something new about this homeschooling thing.

Just another day Learning with the Cameron Clan!