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{Art} : Walking a Line

If you should know anything about Thing 1 it is that he loves to draw.  He will look at pictures and reproduce them with pretty amazing accuracy and detail.  He is also known to create stuff from his imagination.   I carry a clipboard with blank sheets of paper and a bag full of pencils and crayons everywhere we go, just in case he gets inspired.

Due to this great love of drawing, I thought he would jump at the idea of an art class.  However, he has been reluctant to join one.  He says that he only wants to draw what he wants, which I totally understand.

Although he says he only wants to draw what he wants, I thought I would do an art class for him that would still allow him to do what he wants, but he can start learning some technique along the way. So from now until the end of the year we are going to focus on drawing.

Today we started with just a basic line.

Walking the Line

computer paper

The first activity was super simple, but slowly got Thing 1 moving in the right direction.  Thing 1 was to draw an abstract work of art without picking the pencil up from the paper, except to stop the drawing.


This basically became a scribbling activity, because he just wasn’t into the activity yet.

The second activity was to draw an object using the same principle as above.  You use only one line, only taking the pencil off the paper when the drawing is done.

When we started, I could tell he wasn’t feeling it.  However, after a little discussion of which object to draw he got to work.  He managed to create 15-20 drawings depicting the various characters of Super Mario Brothers.  Yes, he went old school.  It could be that he had been playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on our old Nintendo before we started our art project.






Overall, once I got him going it was great to see his creativity to come to life.  I was also pretty impressed with what he created today.

Hopefully, over the next several months Thing 1 and I will be able to keep this up and I will share future projects.

{Art} : 3D Hand

A couple of months back the boys and I went to an art studio for a painting class.  While we were there the boys saw a hand that looked like it was 3D.  Of course, they really wanted to try to make their own.  So a couple of weeks back, they boys attempted to make their own.  However, the patience required left our attempt somewhat unsuccessful.

First we started by tracing our hands.  Next, the boys were to draw straight lines until they reached their hand.  Once inside the hand, they were to draw arched lines until they reach the other side.  Needless to say, the boys lost patience pretty quickly.

fprints,3dhand,&mire 014

fprints,3dhand,&mire 016

fprints,3dhand,&mire 017

However, this is what Thing 1 was able to accomplish before he was done with the art project.

fprints,3dhand,&mire 021

Thing 2’s.

fprints,3dhand,&mire 020

Here is mine.

fprints,3dhand,&mire 018

Have you ever done a 3D handprint?

{Art} : Jackson Pollock Art

I had been waiting for a warm day so that the boys and I could do some Jackson Pollock inspired drip painting.  This is a messy, but really pretty cool way to paint that is perfect for boys. 

jacksonpollock&oobleck 005

I started our activity by reading a little bit about Jackson Pollock and showing the boys images of his work.  It was really interesting to hear what the boys saw within Pollock’s work.  In one painting, Thing 1 said he saw tree branches.  In another he saw what looked like concrete.

I set Thing 1 and Thing 3 in the grass with some watercolor paper (because it was what I had and it is thicker than regular paper), a bucket of paint brushes and paints (red, yellow, and blue).  I explained to the boys he worked and set them loose.

Here is Thing 1’s first work.  It took him a little bit to get into his work.

jacksonpollock&oobleck 123

Here is Thing 1’s second work.  While he was working he said that painting this way was like sword fighting.  Of course, he would relate to sword fighting, because that is what we do.

jacksonpollock&oobleck 118

Here is Thing 3’s attempt.  He didn’t quiet get the whole concept, but he really enjoyed watching Thing 1 go crazy with the paints.

jacksonpollock&oobleck 124

I have really enjoyed doing art projects with the boys over the last few weeks.  I am also thankful for all the space we have to do such projects.  Thing 1 really gets into the art, once he gets started.

How have you studied Jackson Pollock?


{Art} One Fish, Two Fish, Stuffed Fish

After visiting an art class last week the boys have decided that they would like to do more art at home.  I will admit, that besides drawing, there hasn’t been a lot art going on around here since before our move.  So I am making an effort to do something art or craft related ever week.  This week we made a stuffed fish.

stuffed fish

Stuffed Fish

2 Large Pieces of White Construction Paper
Tacky Glue
Extra Newspaper

1. Use watercolors to paint both sheets of constructions paper.  You want to paint the entire sheet of paper.  Then let dry.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 004

2.  Once the 2 painted pieces of paper are dry, turn the pieces of paper so that the blank sides are facing each other.  Sketch the outline of a fish.  Then with the blank sides facing each other cut the fish out.  You have to look close to see my lines.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 010

3. Now glue almost the entire way around the fish, leaving one area un-glued so that you can stuff newspaper inside.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 012

4.  Take small pieces of newspaper and gently stuff it inside the fish.  Once you have it stuffed, you can then finish gluing the fish shut.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 015

5. If you want you can punch a hole through the top fin of the fish and attach a string so that you can hang your fish up.

rtfish,outside,beef&corneggroll 026

While we the boys were working on their fish, I read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess to the boys.  They thought this was pretty cool and enjoyed listening to a story while they worked.  Thing 1 even said it was better than the art class because they were able to listen to the story.  You could also read Rainbow Fish, while working on this craft.

What have you done for art lately?

Stained Glass Shamrocks

Last Wednesday, the boys and I hosted a craft play date.  With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I decided to do a St. Patrick’s Day themed craft.  After searching the internet for ideas, I decide to have the kids make stained glass shamrocks since it would allow all the kids to participate.  We had 2 to 5 year olds doing the craft.

stpattysday,outside 957

Stained Glass Shamrocks

Contact Paper
Tissue Paper

1. Cut the contact paper to size.
2. Take the paper backing off the contact paper and lay it sticky side up.
3.  Place pieces of tissue on the contact paper.
4.  When you have finished putting all the tissue paper on the contact paper.  Place another piece of contact paper on top of the other one so that there will be contact paper on both sides.
5.  Cut the contact paper out into the shape of a shamrock and cut it out.  I created a template out of construction paper that the kids could then trace using a crayon.
6. Now hang it in a sunny place.

What the other mom and I found interesting was that none of the kids made a green shamrock, they all elected to make rainbow shamrocks.  Whatever makes them happy!



Egg Carton Christmas Trees

Today all three boys created another Christmas craft.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

egg carton
pipe cleaner
paint or markers
anything to use as ornaments (buttons, pom poms, glitter, etc.)

1. First cut three of the “cups” from the egg carton.

2. Put a small hole at the bottom of each egg cup.  I used a pair of scissors to poke a hole through.

3.  Decorate using paint, markers or anything else you might have on hand.

4.  Once the paint has dried, then stick a pipe cleaner through all three of the cups and cut to the desired length.  Make sure to leave enough coming out of the top of the Christmas tree so that you can hang it.
5.  Make a loop or a hook with the top part of the pipe cleaner so that you have something to hang the ornament.

6.  You can always go back and add more decorations once it is put together.

My boys like to do crafts, however they are somewhat impatient (I have no idea where they get it).  So once they were finished painting they had no desire to go back and decorate it any further.  They really just wanted me to put the pipe cleaner through it so they could hang it up.




Just another day crafting with the Cameron Clan!

Sparkly 3D Stars

On Friday all three boys worked on this super easy and apparently super fun Christmas craft.

Sparkly 3D Stars
Difficulty: Easy

1 1/2 inch styrofoam ball
glitter spray paint

1.  I gave each boy a bowl with a styrofoam ball and some toothpicks and told them to stick the toothpicks in the ball.


2.  Once you are done poking toothpicks into the styrofoam ball, then spray paint the creation and let dry.

3. Place your sparkly 3D star anywhere.


Originally I had only planned on Thing 1 doing the craft, however, when I presented him with all the materials both Thing 2 and Thing 3 wanted to do it also.  All three of them enjoyed this craft, so much so that they asked to make a second star.  The best part for me was that this craft was easy enough for Thing 3 to do.  It was actually great motor skill practice.

Obviously, you need to supervise your kids while they are handling the toothpicks and parents are the only ones who need to handle the spray paint.

Just another day Crafting with the Cameron Clan!

Pom Pom Stuffed Ornament

I am always on the lookout for fun easy Christmas activities that all three boys can do.  This can often be difficult since all three boys have different skill levels.  However, this craft was perfect for all three of them.

Pom Pom Stuffed Ornament

pom poms
large glass ornaments

1. Pull the top off the ornament.
2.  Stuff pom pom balls into to ornament.

3.  Put the top back on the ornament and hang it up!

I absolutely loved this craft.  It was simple to set up and clean up.  All three boys could do it.  Obviously you could be a little more particular about what colors you put inside of it  It was the first time that Thing 3 asked to do a craft a second time.

Just another day Crafting with the Cameron Clan!

Christmas Tree Pillow

A couple of evenings ago, Thing 1 asked me how stuffed animals were made.  I have no idea where that questions came from, but I explained how they were made.  He then asked me how quilts were made, so I explained that.  While I was talking about batting, it hit me we should make a stuffed something so that I could show him the basic process.

Our Christmas Tree Pillow was born.

Christmas Tree Pillow

Fabric (You can use anything, I had 2 yards of muslin)
Fabric Markers
Needle & Thread (we used a sewing machine)

1. Draw out your Christmas tree pattern.

2.  Cut out your Christmas tree.

3.  Put an X on the insides of your tree, so you know which sides to decorate.

4. Using the fabric markers, decorate your Christmas tree.

5.  Turn the two pieces so that the decorated sides are facing each other.
6.  Sew around the outside, leaving a small hole somewhere so that you can stuff your pillow.

7.  Flip the pillow inside out, so that the decorated sides are now facing out.
8. Stuff your pillow.
9.  Sew you the hole that you left for stuffing.

10.   Enjoy your new pillow!

Thing 1 absolutely loves his new pillow.  He was so excited to see his creation come to life.  It was also a great learning experience for him to learn how things are made.

Just another day Crafting with the Cameron Clan!

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