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{Fun @ 4} Back to Work

Thing 1 asked to do school almost every day this week.  I think the month off was good for his motivation.  Here is what his week looked like this week.

Sight Words
*Reviewed sight words and, me, you

*at, man, sat, am, an, ran, hat, gas, map

*Singapore Math 1A Lessons 13 Word problems using trains.  I put some trains into a shed and asked him to add some more.  Then he had to tell me how many there were all together.

*Singapore Math 1A Lesson 14 and 15

*From All About Reading: Read stories Slim Went West and Mud Milk.

Handwriting Practice
*I created three sentences for him to copy.  I will say that his handwriting is getting much better.

*Alice in Wonderland

*Story of the World Introduction

*This week we reviewed Arizona and New Mexico, using the coloring sheet from Road Trip USA, a power point I had made, and a few other activities that I created.

*What do plant need?  We set up an experiment where we will discover exactly what plants need.  We have three plants.  One plant will be given water and sunlight.  The second seed will only be given water, but no sunlight.  The third seed will be given sunlight, but no water.

{HERE} is the printables I made to go with the science activity.

*Artistic Pursuits Lesson 1 – Artist Compose

*What if the only color in the world was white?  Thing 1 answered the question and I typed it into his blog.

It was a very busy week back to school, but he had a great time and learned a lot.

What has your four year old done this week?



Cameron Class {Week 1}

Cameron Class (Full Size)

Each week we will be doing geography, science, a bible verse, poetry and music together.  While poetry and music will be more on the fly based on what the boys want to hear that day, geography and science, geography and our bible verse will be planned. 

Cameron Class will be a weekly post where I share our geography, science and weekly bible verse.


We will be starting Road Trip USA by Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I was reading a post from her blog one morning, when Thing 1 came and sat with me.  He started to ask what “those kids were doing” and I explained.  Next thing I know we have added geography to this years plans.  We will no be going very in depth with our study, since I will be working with a three and four year old. 

This week we will be studying Texas and Oklahoma.  For those of you who are using the same curriculum, I know it starts in the northeast, but we live in Texas and I figured it would be best to start in our home state and move from there.


We are going to be studying magnets.  Since Thing 1’s favorite toy is his Thomas the Tank Engine trains, I figured we would learn a little bit more about magnets, which are what allows the trains to connect.  I have three different activities planned and will share them once we actually do them.

Bible Verse:

Mathew 5 : 16 Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

This bible verse is the verse that goes with Raising Rockstars Preschool Letter L, which is Thing 2’s letter of the week.

Mommy Cameron

A Request

This morning while I was reading a few blogs, Thing 1 came into my room.  I had just downloaded a set of cards that had pictures of different animals on them.  These cards belong to Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She wrote a curriculum called Road Trip USA, that she is using with her kiddos this year. 

Well, Thing 1 immediately asked about the cards.  I explained that they are pictures of animals from all over the United States and that this lady is teaching her kids at home about the states this year.”  I gave him too much information.  Next thing I know, he wants to learn about it too. 

Now if you don’t know Thing 1 or Thing 2 they both have a real interest in the states.  Our United States map is one of the more popular items in our classroom.  Actually, Thing 2 pulled it out today.  Anyway, both boys will ask you were certain states are located.  Thing 1 can point to Texas, South Carolina, Montana, Kansas, California, and probably a couple of other ones. 

So, who am I to stand in the way of the boys wanting to learn.  So in addition to our letter of the week theme, I am going to be adding in states.  I am not going to do the entire curriculum, but I am going to pick out the more age appropriate material so that the boys can learn about the states.  Besides, we drove through most of the southeast during the summer and if we go visit Daddy Cameron in California, we will actually have actually been to a good portion of the United States this year.  Thus, why not help the boys learn about it.

Off to do more planning!

8-19-11 Blog-planning 002

This a typical picture of the breakfast nook table every time I talk about planning.