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{Krazy in Kindergarten} Week 4 : 6.4-6.8

So I am a little behind in my kindergarten posts, but instead of stressing out and trying to catch up, we are just going to get back on track today.  Here is what Thing 1 and I worked on last week.

We spent time working with both addition and subtraction.  The most of difficult concept of the week for thing one, was deciding which sign (+ or -) was needed to make the problem correct.  I was really proud of him for staying patient and figuring it out.

Thing 1’s favorite lesson of the week was doing subtraction by counting backwards instead of using some sort of manipulative.  To introduce the concept I put the numbers 0-10. I then had Thing 1 stand on any number.  I would then give him a number to subtract and he would jump back that many numbers to get the answer.  What was so great about this activity is that he was so in to it he asked to do addition problem too.

Thing 1 sight words for the week were here, big, and said.  He also read three short books during the week.

Spelling words for the week were: bit, hip, pit, win, dim, lid, rib, zip, fit, lip, rip, hid.

Thing 1 and I took a trip through the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho.

This week was our first week of learning Spanish.  Our focus was on greetings and the numbers 1-10.  I choose this as our starting point because Thing 1 was partially familiar with these concepts.

We are continuing our study in Story of the World, Volume 1.  This week we covered Chapter 2, which was about the Ancient Egyptians.

This was the bulk of Thing 1’s week.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to add in our science, art, music, PE, literature, and handwriting to our weekly schedule.  My desire to slowly work up to including everything in our weekly schedule instead of going from zero to sixty in one week.  So far this has been great for both of us.

 Thing 1 is 5 years, 1 month.


{Krazy in Kindergarten} Week 1

Last week was Thing 1’s first official week kindergarten.  Yes, I know it is May and most kids are finishing school for the year, but we are just getting started.  Over the next few weeks we will work up to our full curriculum, especially as the weather gets hotter and we are stuck inside a little longer each day.

Here is a little glimpse of what Thing 1’s week looked like.


We continued with Singapore Math 1A.  (We picked up from where we left off in March.)  We spent one day reviewing addition and then we moved on to subtraction for the first time this year.  I was pleasantly surprised how well he understood subtraction.  After a short lesson using M&Ms and trains, he was able to do the entire worksheet with minimal help.


This year we are going to be doing a little bit of spelling everyday halfway following All About Spelling.  This week Thing 1’s words were: rat, van, bat, fat, mad, pat, sad, wag, cat, ham, mat, rag.  I have a feeling that Thing 1 is going to be able to spell better than his mommy.


We focused on the sight words: it, love, at.  Thing 1 also read easy readers this week. It took a little bit for him to get back into it, but he did great once he got started.


Our science focus this week was a repeat of a previous week, simply because I thought it would be good for Thing 1 to review the parts of a flower, plant and a tree, before we moved onto the rest of our science for the year.  I was surprised how much he remembered from doing the parts of the flower from before.

Here are the diagrams we used for our study:
Parts of a Flower
Parts of a Plant
Parts of a Tree


For Thing 1’s history study this year we are going to loosely follow Story of the World.  This week we had several fun discussions about Nomads.  When I asked Thing 1 what his favorite part of the week was, he told me it was our nomad discussion that included M&Ms.  In an effort to help Thing 1 visualize how and why Nomads moved I spread out M&Ms all over his work mat.  We pretended we were Nomads and started in one area of the mat.  Thing 1 ate the M&M in that area.  I told him I was still hungry, so I asked him what we should do.  He of course told me that we should move to another area to eat another M&M.  We moved across the mat, eating the M&Ms.  When we were finished our M&M trek across the land, he understood the concept of Nomads and enjoyed every minute of it.

Overall it was a great week and I think Thing 1 and I were both glad to get back into a more normal pattern.  I also know he really enjoys learning, even though he doesn’t want to start school some days.

What was your week like?

Thing 1 is 5 years, 1 month.

{Totally 3} Back to School

This week Thing 2 had his first full we back to school and he enjoyed every minute of it.  This week was the yummy letter F.

Letter Activities
*Letter F Maze
*Letter F Blackout Game
*Letter F Poking Page
*Letter F lacing card

*Letter Ff out of goldfish
*Letter Ff stamping
*Put together pieces to make a letter Ff

*Rectangle playdough mat
*Rectangle on Geoboard
*Rectangle and Square Patterns
*Letter Ff Roll and Graph

*Letter M sound
*Reading while locating the letters Ff, as well as any other letters we know

*Story of the World Chapter 1 – Thing 2 only really listened to the stories, he didn’t participate in any of the activities.

This week we reviewed Arizona and New Mexico, using the coloring sheet from Road Trip USA, a power point I had made, and a few other activities that I created.

*Letter F pre writing
*Letter F beginning writing
*Letter F writing practice

*I had Thing 2 tell me a story that I then typed it into a his own blog that I had started for him.

*What do plant need?  We set up an experiment where we will discover exactly what plants need.  We have three plants.  One plant will be given water and sunlight.  The second seed will only be given water, but no sunlight.  The third seed will be given sunlight, but no water.

{HERE} is the worksheet for the Yummy Letter F.
{HERE} is the worksheets that I made to go with our science, What a Plant Needs?

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