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Roll & Spell

I am still trying to find fun and creative ways for Thing 1 to practice his spelling words.  Here is another idea I came up with on the spur of the moment.

reading&gumdroptowers 005

Roll & Spell

Notecards with the spelling words written on them
Education Cubes
Or you can use one or two of those printable dice and write the spelling words on them
we also used a Magna Doodle to change it up

Have the child roll/throw a dice.  I have boys so we throw everything.  Whatever word the dice lands on, they write that word down, in this case on the Magna Doodle.  This was simple enough and Thing 1 went through it until he had written all the words.

reading&gumdroptowers 011

reading&gumdroptowers 015

At one point, Thing 3 was “helping” Thing 1 by throwing the dice for him.  Both boys were having fun and Thing 1 was still learning his spelling words.

You could also turn this idea into a challenge and give them a certain amount of time and see how many words they can write.

Stamp Spelling

Thing 1 has been struggling with spelling, so I have been on a mission to find some activities to help him learn his spelling words.  While looking for something else in our not so organized homeschool/craft closet I saw our collection of stamps, specifically our alphabet stamps.  Thus, stamp spelling was born.

Stamp Spelling

Alphabet Stamps
Ink Pad
Spelling Words

IceDay1 009

I have written all of Thing 1’s spelling words written on flashcards to use different ways throughout the week. He took one card at a time and stamped that word onto a sheet of paper.

IceDay1 015

He loved it.  It also allowed him to study the words and make his own connections to the words, which will help him learn to spell the words.  It was neat to watch him make connections to the different words in the spelling list.  I also observed him concentrating, double checking the spelling of the word so that he would not make any mistakes.

What activities have you done to teach spelling?

Throw and Spell

Thing 1 and I have been struggling with spelling.  I don’t spell well.  I don’t like spelling, I mean that is what spell check is for, right?  Thing 1 should take after Daddy Cameron and be a better speller than me, but it just isn’t working out that way.

So today I was inspired to change up our spelling word practice time.  Thing 1 was jumping all around the playroom/classroom.  Thus I decided to make spelling practice an active activity.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 006

I wrote the numbers on the whiteboard which correspond to the number of spelling words.  Then I had Thing 1 throw a ball at the whiteboard. Whatever number it hit I would call out that spelling word and he would spell it.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 001

At first he said he could spell the words orally, but we soon realized that wasn’t working.  I pulled out a second whiteboard and had him spell the words while I wrote the letters down.  This worked much better.

throw&spell,readingnook,legolevers&pulleys 017

By the end Thing 1 was spelling all of his spelling words with little hesitation and he was getting to use some of his energy at the same time.  Score!

What are some ways you practice your spelling?