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Snap Circuits!

Over the past few weeks we have had deliveries almost every day.  Most of these deliveries are the curriculum that I have ordered to use with the boys in our homeschool over the 2015-2016 school year.  One of the boxes contained  Snap Circuits Jr.


As soon as the boys saw the box they wanted to open it.  For the next hour, all three boys worked together building the different projects within the project book.


After some whining, Thing 3 ended up playing with the Snap Circuits for the next 4 hours.  Greatest babysitter ever!


Every day since then, the boys have built at least one project, if not more.

Have you played with Snap Circuits?

{wONEderland} : Paper Clip Fun

Yesterday morning, while I was working on some homeschool stuff, Thing 3 came over and decided to “help” me out.  Actually, he really just wanted to play with my container of paper clips.

So I took the opportunity to practice colors and sorting with Thing 3.  We both had a little bit of fun and amazingly he did not make a big mess.  This should go without saying that this should only be done with adult supervision.

What have you and your one year old done recently?

Bowling {with a side of math}

There were several times over this record breaking summer where the boys and I just did not go outside, leaving me to come up with ways to amuse the boys while inside.  In desperation one day, I pulled out some of our plastic cups and using their soccer balls, we played bowling. 

9-14-11 Bowling 016

9-14-11 Bowling 009What I discovered, is that besides amusing my kiddos for over an hour, it was some great math practice.  We practiced counting the number of cups we knock down. Great one to one correspondence for Thing 2.  I took it a step further with Thing 1 and worked on some beginning subtraction practice. 

This activity is fun, simple and filled with lots of learning potential!

I linked up at hands on : as we grow


Unexpected Learning : Stencils

We have not done any formal schooling this week, however, today Thing 2 did some unexpected learning.

Thing 1 has been drawing trains all week long and today was no exception.  We were sitting in our classroom and I was helping him draw some trains.  Thing 2 comes running up and says he wants to draw too.  Luckily, I had just brought down a stencil that had a train on it.  With a little help from Mommy, Thing 2 was able to draw a train, and I realized that this was a great for of pre writing practice.   

9-8-11 Laundry, Tie Dye, Stensil writing practice 015

I will definitely be using this one again!

Sneaky, Sneaky!

Let’s Be Honest

Since I posted my beautifully colored and typed lesson plan filled with link on Monday, it has not seen the light of day.  We have done nothing in the way of formal schooling this week.  Between getting home late Sunday night, doing laundry, adjusting to the Central time zone again, cleaning up my house, getting ready to go back out of town on Friday morning, trying to recover lost files on my jump drive and wanting to play with my boys, it just hasn’t happened. 

However, that does not mean that we haven’t learned anything this week.  All it means is that we haven’t done much in the way of our 18 wheeler theme.  The only activities that have been 18 wheeler related were the size sequencing, the number puzzle and the matching game, which can all be found on this post {HERE.}

What we have learned/talked about is how a monarchy works, how a computer works, building bridges, typing on the computer, family relationships, how we potty, the difference between good and evil, money, why we go to school, trains, and a few other things that I can’t remember right now.  We also started Thing 2 a blog with Daddy Cameron.  It is helping him to recall the days events and sequencing events.  Thing 3 has started to try and walk everywhere, however we are still struggling with the whole balance thing and we think it is super fun to fall towards mommy and hope that she catches us. 

Although my beautifully typed and color coded lesson plan isn’t being used, we have found lots of other things to learn about this week.  Both boys have told me that they are excited to get back to doing school next week.  8-30-11 R writing blog post and thomas wrap up 005   

Another Benefit from the Daddy and Thing 1 Blog

As you may have read yesterday, I set Thing 1 and Daddy Cameron up with their own blog.  The purpose was simply to let Thing 1 have his own special way to communicate with Daddy Cameron while he is out of town every week. 

I witnessed another unexpected learning opportunity from the blog this evening as we did our first real blog post to daddy.  While I was reading to Thing 2 I had set up Thing 1 with my laptop.  I asked him if there was anything he wanted to type.  He rattled off a sentence, and I typed it for him to copy while I went to read to Thing 2. 

8-21-11 R on Computer 005

When I came back to his room, he was almost done.  At one point he was looking through his words to see which ones he had missed.  As he was reading down his list, he asked me if that was the word “daddy.”  I said yes, because it was.  It was not a word that we have spent any real time learning.  It made me realize that this blog, which started as a way to communicate with Daddy Cameron may actually be an amazing learning tool. 

Learning with the Cameron Clan!

Unexpected Letter Practice

In an effort to help keep Thing 1 connected to his daddy, while he is out of town, I thought it might be cool to set up a blog for him and his daddy.  I thought that a blog would let Thing 1 be in control of his communication with his daddy.  It is also something that only he does, meaning that Thing 2 doesn’t get to do it too. 

Today as we were setting everything up I let him write his first post.  Considering that he is only 4, there isn’t a whole lot he can type without my help.  So he started off by typing his name and daddy.  Then he asked me for some other words.  In order to have a little bit of freedom to go fold laundry, I wrote the words down on a piece of paper.  Out of habit, I wrote them in lowercase letters, not thinking that the letters on the keyboard are uppercase.  It was a great way to practice upper and lowercase recognition. 

8-21-11 R on Computer 004

Now the wheels are turning and I am thinking that this might become a good way to practice our sight words, word families, typing and anything else that I can think up.  There is a good possibility that over the next few weeks, I will be creating a blog for the boys to use in the learning process.

I absolutely love when something so random turns into a great learning experience.