Welcome to Raising the Cameron Clan!

You have found our little corner of the world where I write about our family adventures, from homeschooling to whatever else. The blogs were created as a way to share with family and friends all of our daily shenanigans.

Let me introduce the family:

Mommy Cameron (Aimee)

I’m Aimee, a stay at home mom of three amazing boys, who were all born within 3.5 year of each other. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 7 years. He is a consultant, which means that he travels every week for work, leaving me to hold down the fort. Needless to say with three boys, life in the Cameron Clan is never boring.

Before I became a stay at home mom of these three monsters boys. I taught high school math and was a girls soccer coach here in North Texas. Teaching high school was a rewarding experience, however I enjoy being at home with my boys so much more, even on those bad days.

In my spare time (what spare time I have), I like to run, take pictures, read, crochet, craft and be outside.

I started blogging (Raising the Cameron Clan) as a way to keep my husband connected with the daily mayhem that happens around here since he travels 4-5 days a week. Since then I have created several others, so that I can continue to share, but I keep Raising the Cameron Clan solely about our family adventures, because we are going to turn it into a book or three, for our enjoyment later in life.

Daddy Cameron

Daddy Cameron is an amazing man, husband and father. Although he is gone 4 days a week he is eager to know what we are doing. In his younger days, he played collegiate golf. Now his days are spent working hard, all over the country, supporting his leaches family. When he is in town he spends his time with his family, including teaching our son’s 4 year old Sunday school class at our church. He is the best husband and father. How did I get so lucky?

Thing 1
Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Thing 1 is the oldest of our clan. He is my most inquisitive and imaginative child. He is not afraid to ask any question, and keep asking until you give him an answer that satisfies his curiosity. He has a love for all things trains. If I can relate anything to trains, he is all about it. He is also the resident inventor. I don’t think that there is a day that goes by that he hasn’t used something he has found to create something. He goes through craft supplies like it is his job.

Thing 2
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Thing 2 is the most lovable and affectionate of the clan. He loves to sit in your lap and cuddle. He gives out love like candy on Halloween. He is very perceptive when it comes to others feelings. He is known to be intense at times also. However, the characteristic I love the most is that he is not afraid to march to the beat of his own drum. You just never know what you are going to get.

Thing 3
Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

The baby. He is the biggest flirt, as long as he is attached to his mommy. He will flash his smile and play peekaboo with anyone. He knows he is a little charmer. Just like any third child he wants to be just like his older brothers, and he gives it a good fight.


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