Bookmarks and Spiderwebs

Written by Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

Sadly we have not had a third day of our backyard olympics, however, we have been getting outside, despite the heat.  Yesterday the high was only 95 and there is a “cold” front coming through late tonight and it will only be 99 degrees tomorrow.

Oh, and even better the low on Saturday morning is going to be in the low seventies for my first triathlon!  Yea!

After a short run this morning the boys and I came home and read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.   All three boys love this book.  For a craft project we made paper plate spiderweb.  Thing 1, Thing 2 and I all had a great time making spiderweb.  Thing 1 even went so far to make a spider to tape onto his, however I didn’t get a picture, but I did get pictures of the finished webs.

The second Thursday of the month our home learners group gets together and does a sewing or handicraft.  Today we made bookmarks from plastic canvas.  Thing 1 picked up on the concept really quick and did a great job making a second bookmark.  He was my guinea pig yesterday.

Also, all three boys had a great time playing with their friends.  So much so, that once again this week, all three boys too naps.  I had to wake up Thing 1 and Thing 2 so that they would go to bed tonight.

After nap time and dinner, the boys and I headed upstairs where we worked on building amazing lego creations.  Thing 2 also took some pictures using my big camera.  He took the one of me holding the spiderweb (above).  The picture below is the best picture he took of me and Thing 3 and a sliver of Thing 1’s head as he tried to get into the picture too.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!