Weekend Activities

Written by Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

Over the weekend the boys were very busy with some fun activities.

On Saturday, I took Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4 to a kids triathlon.

Thing 2 competed in the 6-7 year old age group. He got third place for the boys.





Thing 3 competed in the 5 and younger group. I didn’t get many pictures of Thing 3 because I was running with him on the bike and run, while pushing Thing 4 is the stroller. I’m just not that talented yet. He just happened to be the only kid this year, so he got first place.


Thing 4 was the cutest little cheerleader.


While Thing 2, Thing 3, Thing 4 and I were at the triathlon, Daddy Cameron and Thing 4 were competing in the Rain Gutter Regatta with his cub scout pack. He won two races and lost 2 races, I think, with his boat named Jaws.



Later that afternoon, Daddy Cameron, Thing 1 and Thing 2 competed in a parent/child golf tournament. Thing 3 went along for the ride. Apparently it was a great day. Both Thing 1 and Thing 2 shot their best rounds ever. They also happened to tie. Yep, I couldn’t make this stuff up. Oh, and not only did they tie, they tied for first place, which lead to a putt off. Thing 1 one.


It was a great day, but a busy day.

Just another weekend Raising the Cameron Clan!