{Soccer Saturday} : 9.9.17 Edition

Written by Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

Fall soccer is officially upon us. All three boys had games this weekend.

Thing 3 opened his fall soccer season at 9am on Saturday morning. He has been not so patiently waiting to play his first game. At his age, they ask the kids if they want to play in goal and they only play about half of a half. Well, guess what my kid did, he decided to be the first volunteer to play in goal. Not surprisingly he did a great job and made a couple of great saves. He also played on the field. I have no idea what the final score ended up being.

Both Thing 2 and Thing 3 played at 10:30am. So while Daddy Cameron watched Thing 1 play the first half I watched Thing 2. Thing 2 had a couple of good saves while I watched, but he apparently had several great saves during the 2nd half while I watched Thing 1. His team went on to win the game.

Thing 1 played at 10:30am and 1:30pm. At 10:30 he played a team from another club that was his age. Despite a hard fought game, they lost.

At 1:30pm he played a team from his club that was a year older. His team did a great job and won.

It was a day filled with beautiful, windy weather and lots of soccer. We spent the rest of the weekend making preparations for Tropical Storm Irma. Apparently for the first time the Atlanta area is under a tropical storm watch and we are expecting high winds, some flooding, and power outages. Good times! Schools around the area are already closed, but since we homeschool we will be going about our days as usual, except we won’t have soccer practice in the evenings.

Just another weekend Raising the Cameron Clan!

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