Thing 2’s Soccer Tournament

Written by Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

Guess what! The boys played soccer this weekend. Thing 2 had a soccer tournament. Thing 1 had 3 games and Thing 3 had one game.

Saturday morning Thing 2 and I headed out at 7am for an hour long drive for his 9:15am soccer game. Thing 2 played the first half in goal and the second half on the field. His team won 6-2.

At 10:30am, Thing 1 and Thing 3 both had games at our home fields. Thing 1 lost his game and Thing 3 won his game. He even scored a goal.

Thing 2 and I arrived at our home fields in time to watch Thing 1’s 12pm game.

After Thing 1’s 12pm game, we all headed back an hour away to watch Thing 2’s second game of the tournament. Thing 2 played the first half in goal, where he made some great saves. He started the second half in goal and then played on the field the second part of the second half. Even though the team worked hard, they lost the game.

When we arrived home, Daddy Cameron made the first fire of the season It felt wonderful after a long day of soccer in the cold.

Sunday morning started bright and early with all of us leaving at 6am so we could get an hour away to Thing 2’s 8am game.

Thing 2 once again played the first half in goal and the second half on the field. Despite a hard fought game, his team lost.

After a quick breakfast at Waffle House after Thing 2’s game, we headed back to our home fields for Thing 1’s game.

Thing 1’s team won their game.

After two days of soccer games, we were glad to be home where we could cuddle up under some blankets around another fire and watch football.

Just another weekend Raising the Cameron Clan!

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