Thing 1 & Thing 3 Play Soccer

Written by Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

This weekend we had another soccer tournament.

Thing 1
Thing 1 started bright and early at 8am Saturday morning. His team won their first game 7-0.

His second game Saturday was at 3:30pm. His team once again won 7-1.

Sunday morning he played in the semi final game at 9:15am. His team won 8-0. I didn’t get any pictures from this game because I was watching Thing 3 at his 9am game.

The championship game was at 1:00pm this afternoon. This was by far the most exciting game with a 3-0 win.

Thing 3
Thing 3’s tournament began at 9am on Saturday morning. He played the first half in goal and the second half on the field. He scored a goal while he was on the field and had an opportunity to score another. They won 7-0.


His celebration after he scored his goal.

Thing 3’s second game was at 11:30am Saturday. His played in the goal the entire game. His team won 2-1.

Thing 3’s third game was at 9am Sunday morning. He played in goal the entire game where he made some great saves. His team won 2-1.


Thing 3’s final game was at 11:30am. Once again he played in goal the entire game, where he made a super important save. His team had to tie or win to win the whole tournament. His great saves made sure that his team was victorious. They tied 0-0.

It was a long weekend, but it was great to have both boys come home with some bling.

Just another weekend Raising the Cameron Clan!

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