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Egg Hunt

On Saturday the family headed out to our churches Easter egg hunt. 

This is the first year that Thing 4 was able to participate and she did an awesome job. Daddy Cameron showed her one time what to do, then she was off on her own. She wasn’t even phased by all the bigger kids running all around her. 

However, I think she enjoyed opening the eggs just as much. Even today she has been opening eggs and smiling. 

She also really enjoyed running up and down a steep hill. 

Oh, and here is my best attempt at a picture of all the kids. I think it really sums up their personalities.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Hike, Hike, Hike

This “winter” has been amazing. The weather has been great, usually in the sixties and low seventies. So we have been doing our best to get out and hike. Here are some pictures from out last few hikes.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

75 Degrees, Yes Please!


Today was another warm day and I loved it! I can’t believe how awesome the weather has been lately, especially for January. Since the weather has been so amazing it has been hard to stay inside, so I took the kids on a short hike so we could enjoy the day. (It also kept them from playing video games all afternoon. I know, I’m an evil mom.)

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Girls Trip to Phoenix

Over the weekend Thing 4 and I headed off to Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend. We went for the celebration of life for my grandfather who recently died.

This was our first time to Arizona and Thing 4’s first plane trip. I would just like to say this girl did amazing. The only time she cried was after we landed in Phoenix and we were taxing to the gate. Crazy girl. She also received numerous comments about her crazy hair.

When we arrived Friday, my parents and aunt picked us up and after checking in to our hotel we headed off for a short hike to Hole in the Rock. Hiking here is definitely different from hiking in Georgia.

On Saturday after the memorial service and visiting with family, we went to hike Camelback Mountain. It was freaking awesome to be able to see so far.

After our hike we headed to Old Town Scottsdale for a little shopping and dinner.

While the girls were away in warm Arizona, the boys stayed home with Daddy Cameron and waited for the “snow.” Our house really didn’t get any snow, but the boys did get to spend some time together and do boy stuff.

Just another weekend Raising the Cameron Clan!

Gettin’ Our Hike On

Originally the boys were suppose to play in a 3v3 soccer tournament all day long, but that fell through. (I might have been slightly happy about that.) Instead the kids and I planned to go on a hike and have our own soccer tournament instead.


However, not everything went as planned. After I got all 4 kiddos in the car, I went to start it and nothing happened. So instead of heading to a state park to hike, we headed down our driveway and down the road to find a neighbor. Thankfully, there was a neighbor home who was able to help us out. We eventually headed out on an awesome hike in some amazing weather.








We finished the evening with a little soccer in the yard.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

11 Months!

It is hard to believe that Thing 4 is 11 months old. Our little toothless wonder has brought so much joy to our family.


*Her Brothers. She really enjoys making them laugh.
*Moving, whether in the stroller or on her own. She is not happy being still.
*Being Outside, which is great since she is out at the soccer fields every day of the week.
*Stairs. She loves to climb up and down the stairs. Thankfully she has done awesome and can go up and down without any problems.
*Taking off her diaper.
*Waving to people.


*Carseat, probably because she can’t move.
*She is already a picky eater.
*Teething. No she does not have any teeth yet, but they are so close. She has been quiet grumpy the last couple of days and I think it is because of her teeth.


She doesn’t have another doctors appointment until she is a year old, but I know she is growing, because I bought size 2 diapers for her. Ok, so she can still wear and fit in the size 1, but she has been into taking her diaper off, so I thought if I bought size 2, it would make it a little more difficult. Alas, I was wrong.


Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!


Park Play

On Thursday the kiddos and I headed to a local park for some play time with some friends. Thing 4 had a great time exploring. Her brothers had a great time playing with and making new friends.










Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Amethyst Mine Digging

Today the whole family, even Daddy Cameron, went on a field trip to an amethyst mine.


Digging for amethyst is not something I ever thought I would spend a day in my life doing, but it was a neat experience. Something that the boys will never forget.


We were not as lucky as some people, however, we did manage to find a few small pieces of amethyst and numerous pieces of quartz.


Despite the nearly 100 degree heat, the boys had a great time. I think they were just most excited about using the rock picks to hit the rocks.




Thing 4 tried to stay cool in the shade and cheered us on. She also was able to hang out with her brothers when they needed a break.


Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!


Thing 4’s Baptism

On Sunday Thing 4 was baptized. We had lots of family come and visit for this special occasion.





Family at T

Me & T & T

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

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