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Big Adventures

Today the kiddos and I headed out for some big adventures. The first stop on our big adventure was Brasstown Bald, which is the highest peak in Georgia at 4,784 feet. 

The boys were absolutely in awe. They might have actually stopped playing their games to look out the car windows as we drove up the mountain. 

However, I don’t think they were too fond of the super steep 6/10 of a mile hike to the top. My legs were burning, but that could also have been to the 30 pounds of kid and pack on my back. 

Once we were at ten top the views were pretty awesome. 

We also watched a short video about the mountain. The boys were most excited that the highest temperature ever recorded at the top was 84 degrees. It might have something to do with the fact it has been much warmer than that here lately.

After the short video, the boys did a scavenger hunt through the museum that was located at the top. Honestly I was surprised how much they enjoyed it. 

After the boys earned their prizes for the scavenger hunt, we headed back down the mountain and off to our next adventure if gem mining. The boys rocked through this so fast I hardly got any pictures. Thing 4 “helped” by collecting everyone’s rocks for them. The boys were really fascinated by the different gen they found, which of course, prompted lots of questions.

Thing 1 also picked out and busted a geode ope to reveal some pretty crystals inside. One thing they found interesting was that not all geodes have crystals in them. 

Once our gem adventure was over we headed to a local dairy to get fresh ice cream. This has become a standard stop anytime we head to the north Georgia mountains. I also believe this was Thing 4’s favorite stop. 

We had such a great day. So great that all the kids were tired and went to bed early!

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Christmas 2016

This Christmas was a big hit with the boys and also probably one of the most exciting for the adults. The weekend before Christmas while celebrating with extended family, the boys received remote control cars and video games.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun. Thing 1 and Thing 2 both woke up to new bikes sitting in the living room. The boys also received bb guns, a zip line to put in the backyard, and new Dallas Cowboy shirts.

Thing 2 was also really excited about his Chelsea jersey.

Thing 4 received her first doll, which she loved on.

It was a very busy and exciting Christmas day with lots of bb gun shooting and everyone enjoying the zip line, including the boys’ great-grandmother.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

6 Miles!

Today the boys and I headed to Raven Cliff Falls in Georgia to do a little lot of hiking. Earlier this week I had asked the boys what they wanted to hike to; a waterfall, ruins or something else. They all chose a waterfall. I really think it is just because they love to play in the water. Anyway, to a waterfall we went. By the end of the day the boys and I traveled 6 miles, their longest hike yet.


















Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Thing 4

This week Thing 4 had her 2 month appointment, a couple of weeks late. Anyway, Thing 4 is a happy and healthy little monkey. She weighs 10 pounds and is 23 inches long.
She is enjoying seeing more of her world. This week she enjoyed a couple of walks/runs with her eyes open.

She also learned learning with her brothers during school. Her brothers believe she will be the smartest out of all of them.

Thing 4 is also learning to enjoy tummy time. It is not her favorite time to of the day, but it is getting better.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

A Beautiful Day!


{Field Trip} : Mountain Fresh Creamery

The boys and I were on the road again today as we headed up to North Georgia to visit Mountain Fresh Creamery. We learned about the milking process and the products that they make from their milk.







We were able to see a few calves, including a set of twins that were 3 days old.  The boys have decided that we should get a cow so we can have our own milk.



However, the boys’ favorite part of this field trip was the ice cream. I have to agree with the boys that this was some of the best ice cream I have had in a long time.  So much so that I actually bought some for me to bring home.


We finished our day with another at the night at the soccer field where Thing 1 had practice again tonight.  Thing 1 did an awesome job at practice tonight.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Hiking the Paper Mill Ruins

Today was another beautiful day, so instead of spending it inside I decided that the boys and I were going on a hike.  When we first moved here last year I started compiling a list of places to hike and today I decided to take the boys to hike some ruins of a paper mill that was destroyed during the civil war.  When I mentioned this adventure to the boys this morning at breakfast, they weren’t really feeling it.  However, not even an hour into our two and a half hour hike, the boys were said that “this is the best adventure ever!”  See this momma has some good ideas every once in a while.


















Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

LEGO Building Fun

Today we had the second meeting of the LEGO build group we started.  This week all three boys got into the act and actually participated.  While all the builds didn’t end up completely monochromatic, probably because our LEGO buckets aren’t perfectly sorted, the boys did do a good job creating with LEGOs.

LEGOMonoBuild 002

LEGOMonoBuild 010

Thing 1 built a playground, that was supposed to be part of a larger city.

LEGOMonoBuild 013

Thing 2 worked on a hotel, that was part of the larger city.

LEGOMonoBuild 006

Thing 3 worked on his own to build this wheeled creation.  He tried to tell me what it was, but I didn’t catch it.

LEGOMonoBuild 008

Once the actually building part was over, the boys had a great time playing with new friends for close to 2 hours.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

New Park Adventures

Today the boys and I headed out to a local park.  After a few wrong turns the boys and I ended up at a pretty awesome park full of hiking trails, a fishing lake, walking trails and more that we can’t wait to explore further.

parkplay 010


parkplay 014


parkplay 019

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

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