Gettin’ Our Hike On

Originally the boys were suppose to play in a 3v3 soccer tournament all day long, but that fell through. (I might have been slightly happy about that.) Instead the kids and I planned to go on a hike and have our own soccer tournament instead.


However, not everything went as planned. After I got all 4 kiddos in the car, I went to start it and nothing happened. So instead of heading to a state park to hike, we headed down our driveway and down the road to find a neighbor. Thankfully, there was a neighbor home who was able to help us out. We eventually headed out on an awesome hike in some amazing weather.








We finished the evening with a little soccer in the yard.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Soccer Saturday

Guess where we spent yesterday morning?!?!? Oh, that’s right it isn’t hard to figure out that we spent it at the soccer fields.

Thing 1 played forward and midfield this weekend. He scored a goal and hit the cross bar several times.





Thing 2 played left back and in goal. The highlight of his game was when he pulled a defensive step over the beat a kid.




Thing 3 lead his team to their first victory of the season with several assists and two goals.




All three boys won their games this weekend and had fun. The only one who didn’t have fun might have been Thing 4 who was stung on the lip by a bee. Although it was really swollen yesterday, she is doing great today an it isn’t swollen at all.


Just another weekend Raising the Cameron Clan!


Today the kids and I headed out to a science club meeting where they learned about robots. Thing 1 is my science kid and he was super excited for this event.


First the boys learned some background information about robots and watched a couple of demonstrations. However, the most exciting part was actually making “robots.”  Now, according to the information we learned, what they made were not technically robots, but they were super cool anyway. The first one was small.





The second “robot” was a draw bot. Basically, it scribbles when the motor is on. They were most impressed by these.






Oh, and of course Thing 4 hung out and watched all the excitement.


Of course, after we finished with the learning, it was time to play.






Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Thing 2 Turns 8!

On Tuesday Thing 2 turned 8 years old! The kid has only been counting down to his birthday for a couple of months, just in case I forgot when I gave birth to him.

Thing 2 : “Mom what day is it?”
Me: “It’s August XX.”
Thing 2 : “That means there are only XX amount of days until my birthday.”


In case you didn’t know, Thing 2 is a lot like his daddy when it comes to math. The kid just gets it, most of the time faster than I do. But, I like to claim that Thing 4 has turned my brain to mush.

Besides being pretty amazing at math, Thing 2 is my most cuddly child. He loves his sister “the most” according to him. Yes, there is a battle for that title on a daily basis.


He loves to be outside playing sports, whether it is soccer, golf, basketball, swimming or anything else he can think or convince someone to play with him.


He is also my most intense child. He gets angry big. He gets happy big. He gets excited big. Anything he does it is all out.

For his birthday meal, he chose to go to Waffle House. For some reason the boys think that place is awesome.


After his birthday breakfast at Waffle House, he then was able to pick out his birthday cake, which became his lunch. Don’t worry, he also chose a rotisserie chicken for lunch too. We also had a day off from school, which might have been his favorite part. Sadly, that was the extend of his celebration. All three boys were really worn out from the soccer games in the hot sun and a late trip to watch a PC football game. I think they needed/enjoyed the low key day.


Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!


Thing 3’s First Goal of the Season!

As you can tell, I’m a lot behind in writing blog posts. Oops!

Last weekend, all Thing 1 and Thing 3 both had one soccer game, while Thing 2 had two.

Thing 2 has been playing goalkeeper a lot. At least one half of every game he plays if not the whole game. So the fact that he scored a goal was a big deal. So much of a big deal that Daddy Cameron sounded shocked when he did it. I didn’t even get a picture of it, but I got a picture of the celebration.



Thing 1 has been playing a lot of left back this year. However, this past weekend, he played right midfield and assisted with a goal and had a decent shot of goal.




Thing 3 and his poor team are kind of mess. There are so many times that Thing 3’s own team mates take the ball from him. However, he has still managed to score some goals this year.



Just another Saturday Raising the Cameron Clan!

11 Months!

It is hard to believe that Thing 4 is 11 months old. Our little toothless wonder has brought so much joy to our family.


*Her Brothers. She really enjoys making them laugh.
*Moving, whether in the stroller or on her own. She is not happy being still.
*Being Outside, which is great since she is out at the soccer fields every day of the week.
*Stairs. She loves to climb up and down the stairs. Thankfully she has done awesome and can go up and down without any problems.
*Taking off her diaper.
*Waving to people.


*Carseat, probably because she can’t move.
*She is already a picky eater.
*Teething. No she does not have any teeth yet, but they are so close. She has been quiet grumpy the last couple of days and I think it is because of her teeth.


She doesn’t have another doctors appointment until she is a year old, but I know she is growing, because I bought size 2 diapers for her. Ok, so she can still wear and fit in the size 1, but she has been into taking her diaper off, so I thought if I bought size 2, it would make it a little more difficult. Alas, I was wrong.


Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!


{Field Trip} : William Harris Homestead

Last Friday the kiddos and I headed out on an awesome field trip full of history.  Thing 1 loves history so this field trip was right up his ally.


William Harris Homestead is a local homestead that has been around since 1825. The same family still owns it today.


First the kids learned some Civil War history and saw many of the things that an infantryman in the southern army would have carried with them into war. I will say that the boys realized how lucky they are to only carry a few things when we go hiking.


We then moved to the original log cabin. It was interesting to learn that it took them 4 years to make the house by hand. The boys were also glad that there were only 4 of them and not 11 kids in our family.



After that we learned about how they stored food and what they used for medicine.




Next the boys learned about what chores they had to do on the homestead. They were very thankful that they did not have to stay up for 6 days to make sure all the meat was smoked.


Lastly, we learned about clothing and bathing. The boys weren’t so sure about bathing only once a week. Honestly, I was glad to hear that they thought bathing only once a week was kinda gross. Maybe there is hope for the boys yet.


We ended with a hay ride.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Morning Hike

The boys have been a little crazy the last couple of weeks. They have crazy amounts of energy. It seems like the more soccer practice they have the more energy they have. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. However, that may be true for them in is not true for me.


Last night I decided that we had to get out of the house today. So after breakfast this morning we headed out for a hike, mainly for my sanity. Hiking is very calming for me and lets them get their wiggles out. I’m not sure my house would have survived if we hadn’t hiked today.


As usual the boys were a little reluctant at first, but soon this became “the best hike ever.” Now, just to let you know, they end up saying that at the end of just about every hike.


Thing 4 even enjoyed the hike despite it cutting into her nap time a little.


We saw a baby lizard, which Thing 3 contemplated making a pet.


Thing 1 spotted a turtle off to the side of the trail.


All three boys spotted numerous fish.


Thing 2 found this furry caterpillar.


I had a great time taking pictures, I just wish my big camera was working so that I could have gotten a few better pictures.



Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

Animal Tracks & Scat

Today the boys and I had an interesting adventure. We learned about animal tracks and scat. The boys thought it was cool that they got to talk about poop without me yelling at them.



At one point they were asking for the different name for poop. Thankfully, Thing 2 decided to use a filter before yelling out the four letter word that he thought about.






We also enjoyed a short hike with a small waterfall. The waterfall was small since we haven’t had much rain lately.





Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!

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