No Eating Out August

Written by Mommy Cameron | Mom Stuff

Ok, so let me be honest.  I have been horrible about making my family healthy, home cooked meals.  And the sad part is that I don’t really have a good excuse.  To be completely honest, I don’t have an excuse at all.  I just haven’t felt like cooking at all.

I will have all these great plans.  I will make a great meal plan.  I will go grocery shopping and then… I just don’t cook.   Which then leads to lots of wasted food and money.  Which then leads to an unhappy husband.  Then add in a lot of mommy guilt because I am feeding my kids crap.  You end up with a big mess.

So my solution is…no eating our August.  I have done this same challenge once, possibly twice before, so I know it is completely possible.  I just have to stop being lazy and do it.

Monthly Challenge

To help make my month as successful as possible, I spent several days making out a menu for the month of August. I realized one of my big downfalls each week is finding time to create a menu.  So having a monthly menu already made will make that component of planning easier.

However, probably my biggest downfall is going grocery shopping.  First and foremost, I hate to shop and groceries are probably the worst.  Secondly, since we moved, the one grocery store we were going to just doesn’t carry many of the staple on our weekly grocery list.  This weekend, I decided to check out another grocery store, which has better hours and a much better selection.  So I am hoping that this will motivate me to get that grocery shopping done.

Over the month I am hoping with all this cooking that I will have some yummy new recipes to share. So here is to no eating out this month.