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No Eating Out August

Ok, so let me be honest.  I have been horrible about making my family healthy, home cooked meals.  And the sad part is that I don’t really have a good excuse.  To be completely honest, I don’t have an excuse at all.  I just haven’t felt like cooking at all.

I will have all these great plans.  I will make a great meal plan.  I will go grocery shopping and then… I just don’t cook.   Which then leads to lots of wasted food and money.  Which then leads to an unhappy husband.  Then add in a lot of mommy guilt because I am feeding my kids crap.  You end up with a big mess.

So my solution is…no eating our August.  I have done this same challenge once, possibly twice before, so I know it is completely possible.  I just have to stop being lazy and do it.

Monthly Challenge

To help make my month as successful as possible, I spent several days making out a menu for the month of August. I realized one of my big downfalls each week is finding time to create a menu.  So having a monthly menu already made will make that component of planning easier.

However, probably my biggest downfall is going grocery shopping.  First and foremost, I hate to shop and groceries are probably the worst.  Secondly, since we moved, the one grocery store we were going to just doesn’t carry many of the staple on our weekly grocery list.  This weekend, I decided to check out another grocery store, which has better hours and a much better selection.  So I am hoping that this will motivate me to get that grocery shopping done.

Over the month I am hoping with all this cooking that I will have some yummy new recipes to share. So here is to no eating out this month.


{30 Day Challenge} : No Eating Out

I want to feed my family healthy meals all the time.  Who doesn’t?

Monthly Challenge

However, there are so many times I just don’t want to cook.  For one, my boys usually don’t like what I cook.  I hate having to clean up the kitchen after I cook. I am also more prone to snacking while I cook, which is not a good thing considering I am trying to lose weight.  No one, except Daddy Cameron likes to eat leftovers.  And so on and on and on.  I could come up with even more reasons that I don’t like cooking, but you get the idea.

As my dislike of cooking has grown over the months, my tendency to take the boys to get fast food has also grown.  No exactly the best way to get my family to eat healthy meals.

In February, when the kids at Chic-fil-a started to recognize us by our order.  I knew something had to change.  So I decided that for the month of March, we were not going to go out to eat, at all.  If I slipped and we did end up going out to eat, I would have to add another month.

Thankfully as of last night, we made it!  We did not go out to eat for the entire month of March, which I realized later is one of the longer months of the year.

Now, I wish I could say we had beautiful meals every day and I started to love the kitchen, but that would just be a lie.  There were days when the boys had Cheerios for dinner.  Or I made a quick batch of biscuits for lunch, because I forgot to make bread that morning.  There were also a couple of days, that for whatever reason, the bread did not turn out edible at all.  However, the best das were the ones where I just pulled random things from the refrigerator and called it dinner.

Despite my many failures and mishaps during the month, I am probably most excited about the fact that the boys have stopped asking to go grab chicken nuggets or something like that for dinner.  They have also started to enjoy more of my homemade creations than they did in the past, but that could also be because they knew they could eat what was served or not eat at all.  I know I am such a mean mommy. 🙂

Since this first 30 day challenge was such a success, I have decided to continue challenging myself and my family.  For the month of April I have decided on two challenges.  One, is to read to my boys for at least 30 minutes a day, ideally at some other point than bedtime.  Secondly, I want to try one brand new recipe a week.

I also want to continue to eat out as little as possible.  Hopefully only 2-3 times during the month of April.

We shall see how it goes.  Wish us luck!

How have you challenged your family?


Since Sunday and my weighty confession I have spent my time formulating my plan of action.  Today, I officially announced my plan on my running blog.  I have decided that I am going to use my running blog as a way to track my progress.  In my organized mind, it makes the most sense to keep all the health/fitness stuff in one place, especially since running is a big part of my fitness plan. 

On to other topics. 

I am struggling with feeding the boys, well Thing 1 and Thing 2, Thing 3 is pretty easy and eating very well right now.  I am getting tired of making meals, things that the boys once liked, and them only eating a bite.  Thing 1 is still trying a bite of everything, but he isn’t really eating much after that, unless it is the fruit.  Thing 2 won’t try anything and the only way he eats any fruits is if they are mixed up in a smoothie.  It is really discouraging my cooking, thus the reason for the lack of recipes.  So I am looking for new ideas of things to make for dinner that are easy and kid friendly.  Wish me luck!

Since the beginning of the month I have been running nearly every single day and it feels great.  I need that endorphin rush that comes from finishing a run.  It has helped me through many days lately when I haven’t gotten enough sleep.  The boys also seem to be benefiting because I feel like there have been a lot fewer discipline issues lately.  Either they are getting an endorphin rush from being in the stroller or my patients is much better since I have been running more. 

Our new daily routine experiment has been put on hold, well kind of.  With the school year finishing up, transitioning from Monday night swim lessons to Friday morning, and soccer going on, I just haven’t been able to fully implement a new routine right now.  I am hoping to try again once preschool and soccer are over, which happens the same weekend.

Lastly, I am on the verge of implementing a couple of new challenges. 

  • I think it is time for another 30 days without eating out.  I have been super guilty lately of going to pick up something instead of staying here and making something.  I think some of it comes from the fact that the boys have not been as receptive to me making food.  Also, it will make me look for new recipes to try, because I feel myself getting stuck in a food rut again.
  • I also feel at least a 7 Day Challenge of no tv.  The boys have been driving me crazy about wanting to “watch something” lately.  I am tired of hearing them ask.  Besides, all of their favorite shows on PBS seem to be re-runs.  So maybe if we take a week or two off from the tv, then maybe we can watch some new episodes of their favorite shows. 


Those are just a few of the random thoughts and happening taking place with the Cameron Clan.

Food Co Op and 30 Day Challenge Update

Food Co Op Update:

My experience with the our first food co op delivery has not disappointed.  The food has been amazing.  Fresh, organic food tastes so much better than the store bought stuff.  I have really enjoyed my enormous salads this week full of veggies.  My husband even made the comment that if he liked salads, my salad looked amazing. 

Also, as a family, we have been eating more fruits and veggies than we normally do, because I don’t want this yummy goodness to go to waste, but it also just tastes that good. For example instead of making a quick sandwich or quesadilla for lunch every day, I have been enjoying a big ‘ol salad.  The best part, is that I feel so much better by eating this way.  We went out to eat Friday night, while my husband’s parents were in town, and my stomach was not too happy with that decision.  Honestly, the food at the restaurant wasn’t as good as the stuff I have made this week at home. 

I just got the list with what is coming in our next delivery and I am super excited.  This has brought back some of the joy in cooking, especially since I want to make healthy meals for my family.

30 Day Challenge:

My 30 day challenge has been going well.  The only mess up I have had came this weekend, while the in-laws were in town, and I forgot to log all of my food, so I have had to catch up a little bit. 

My energy level has really gone up since I am really making an effort to be active every day for 30 minutes.  This is good news since I have only had one nap in the last two weeks.  It probably also helps that my thyroid levels are getting to where they should be. 

However, the best news of all, I have lost 5 pounds since the beginning of the month.  It always makes a girl feel better to see the scale actually going down.  When I started my challenge my real goal was to clean up my and my families eating habits, if I was able to lose weight along the way, it was an added bonus.  I am happy that I have got a bonus so far, now I just need to keep that momentum going.

We are going to do it

I made a decision and we are going to give the food co-op a try.  My first delivery will be March 15.  I am really excited to see what I will be getting.  I am also excited to find new recipes to try. 

I think this is going to be a great way to get the boys excited about eating more vegetables.  I also think this will be a great way for me to break out of my comfort zone and try new food and learn how to cook new foods.  I can’t wait to get subscribed to the recipe exchange egroup to see what wonderful things other people have made. 

I will keep you posted on what comes my way.

A Food Coop

I have taken on a new challenge, a 30 day challenge no less.  I have really learned a lot and enjoyed my little 7 day challenges, however, my newest challenge is much more than keeping off Facebook and spending 5 minutes alone in silence everyday (which I love).  It is about changing not only my eating habits, but also my families.  I want to overhaul our old way of eating for a new healthier way of eating.  

Ultimately I want to feed my family a more plant based diet.  I also want to eat little to no processed foods.  I want to eat more organic, local, natural foods.  It is better for our bodies and better for the planet.  Besides, where is the nugget on a chicken anyway? 

However, organic fruits and vegetables are expensive and we are not rolling in the dough over here.  We are a one income family with three growing boys, some faster than others.  We are really conscious about where we spend our money.  I am even doing crazy things like making my own baby food and cloth diapering Thing 3.  (Thing 2 is about to get his potty training on.)  So finding the most “economically responsible way,” as my husband would put it is a priority.

In my numerous searches on the internet and talks with other mammas, I have found a local food coop that I am considering purchasing most of my fruit and veggies from.  Every two weeks you get a mixed box of fruits and veggies.  You never know what is in your box until a couple of days before.   So that means I could end up with something like Bok Choy, which I have no idea what that is, but I will have to find ways to cook it.  I think this would be an awesome way to have to try new things.  I would have to learn to cook it or it would go to waste, which I would then hear about from my husband.  However, I think this would force me to add more fruit and veggies into our diet.  I think this would also be an awesome way to have to try new things. 

I know this is a little out of the box for those of us in North Texas, but I really think it could be pretty awesome.  I am going to spend a few more days really thinking this through, however, I think this might be a great way to get healthier, better tasting food for my family. 

I post an update once I have made my final decision.