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Snowy Mason Jar Candles

I love me some Mason jars. So this Christmas I decided that I wanted to use them on my table.


Quart size Mason Jars
Epsom Salt
Metallic Crochet Thread

1.  Wrap the jute around the neck of the jar.

2.  Wrap the metallic thread over the top of the jute.
3. Fill the jar with the desired amount of Epsom salt.

4.  Place candle on top of the snow.

 What do you think?  What have you done with Mason jars?

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

This year is the first year that I have done more with my Christmas decorating than just put up a tree and place a few small Christmas trees around the house.  It is the first time that I have really taken the time to create my own Christmas “theme.”  The bulk of our decorations, like our Christmas tree and banister decorations are the same.  However, I have taken the time to decorate some other areas and I will want to share some of my creations.

Our front door has gotten a facelift this year.  In addition to our usual wreath, Daddy Cameron added some lights around the door.  I also created a small Christmas tree using one of our tomato cages.

tomato cage
set of 300 lights
twine or rubber bands

1. Turn the tomato cage upside down. Using the twine, string or rubber bands tie the stakes together.
2.  Starting at the “bottom of the tree”  wrap Christmas lights up on the outside and down on the inside of the tomato cage.  Make sure that you leave enough lights at the end so that you can plug-in the tree.
3.  Decorate.

Here is what it looked like at dusk.

Want to know what the best part of this little creation is…it was free!  I literally pulled the tomato cage out of our garden this morning.  We already had an extra box of lights.  The ribbon is the leftovers from some of my other decorating adventures.

Also, the boys absolutely love it, because you can see it from inside the house as well. Score!!!

What fun Christmas decorations have you made?