{Going Green} : Homemade Grout Cleaner

It is no secret that we are moving.  Cleaning and moving go hand in hand.  Needless to say I have been doing a lot of cleaning.  One of the big areas that I wanted to tackle was the grout in our kitchen.  It is supposed to be light-colored, however years of stuff has darkened the grout.

Grout B&A Finish

So I searched online for homemade grout cleaner, and as expected thousands of results came back, so I picked one and went with it.

Homemade Grout Cleaner

7 cups water
1/2 cup baking soda
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup vinegar
extra baking soda
toothbrush of scrub brush

1. Mix everything together in a large mixing bowl.
2. Apply to rag and use it to wipe along the grout lines.
3. Let the mixture sit on the grout for at least 60 seconds.
4. Gently scrub a little bit of baking soda and the mixture into the grout lines.
5. Wipe away.

{30 Day Challenge} : No Eating Out

I want to feed my family healthy meals all the time.  Who doesn’t?

Monthly Challenge

However, there are so many times I just don’t want to cook.  For one, my boys usually don’t like what I cook.  I hate having to clean up the kitchen after I cook. I am also more prone to snacking while I cook, which is not a good thing considering I am trying to lose weight.  No one, except Daddy Cameron likes to eat leftovers.  And so on and on and on.  I could come up with even more reasons that I don’t like cooking, but you get the idea.

As my dislike of cooking has grown over the months, my tendency to take the boys to get fast food has also grown.  No exactly the best way to get my family to eat healthy meals.

In February, when the kids at Chic-fil-a started to recognize us by our order.  I knew something had to change.  So I decided that for the month of March, we were not going to go out to eat, at all.  If I slipped and we did end up going out to eat, I would have to add another month.

Thankfully as of last night, we made it!  We did not go out to eat for the entire month of March, which I realized later is one of the longer months of the year.

Now, I wish I could say we had beautiful meals every day and I started to love the kitchen, but that would just be a lie.  There were days when the boys had Cheerios for dinner.  Or I made a quick batch of biscuits for lunch, because I forgot to make bread that morning.  There were also a couple of days, that for whatever reason, the bread did not turn out edible at all.  However, the best das were the ones where I just pulled random things from the refrigerator and called it dinner.

Despite my many failures and mishaps during the month, I am probably most excited about the fact that the boys have stopped asking to go grab chicken nuggets or something like that for dinner.  They have also started to enjoy more of my homemade creations than they did in the past, but that could also be because they knew they could eat what was served or not eat at all.  I know I am such a mean mommy. 🙂

Since this first 30 day challenge was such a success, I have decided to continue challenging myself and my family.  For the month of April I have decided on two challenges.  One, is to read to my boys for at least 30 minutes a day, ideally at some other point than bedtime.  Secondly, I want to try one brand new recipe a week.

I also want to continue to eat out as little as possible.  Hopefully only 2-3 times during the month of April.

We shall see how it goes.  Wish us luck!

How have you challenged your family?

{Monday Motivation} : 4.1.13

3-31-2013 duck

{Monday Motivation} : 3.25.13


{Mommy Craft} : Burlap Placemats

For several months now, I have wanted to make new placemats.  Our old ones have been washed so many times that they are starting to struggle.  They have also lead to numerous spills because they are small and the boys consistantly manage to put their drink cups on the edge of the mat.  One small bump and down they go.

During Thanksgiving, while cruising Pinterest, I came across a set made from burlap that had different words for eat on them.  I loved the burlap idea, but I wasn’t feeling the words, because it just isn’t us.  So I decided to make my own version.


This were super simple to make.  The boys think they are pretty cool and I am just happy to have bigger placemats to use on our table.

What have you made lately?

{Mommy Craft} : Handprint Flower Apron

I have been meaning to make a new apron for a couple of months now. I am tired of my current tie-dyed one that the boys and I made a couple of summers ago.  However, I have had a hard time trying to decide what I wanted to do next.  So I decided that I would get it out and start decorating it.  No plan, just decorate it.

Well, it wasn’t long after I started, that my boys helped me come up with a plan.  The boys wanted me to trace their hands onto the apron so I did, since I didn’t have a plan anyway. Once I had all the boys’ hands traced onto the apron, I took a look at it and decided to turn the boys hands into flowers.


Here is the almost finished project.  I added the boy’s name to the stems after this picture was taken.

What fun ways have you decorated an apron?

{Monday Motivation} : 1.28.13


{Monday Motivation} : 1.21.13


{Mommy Craft} : Simple Scarf

I have always loved doing crafts. However, I have done very little crafting for me in the last 5 years.  Now that the boys are a little older and I can leave a few items out that I am working on I have decided to try to craft a little more.

Today I want to share a simple scarf that I knitted over the break.  I used a whole skien of worsted weight yarn and size US 19-15mm knitting needles.  Then I simply knit 20 stitches, turned and purl 20 stitches.  I am not even sure if this is the correct terminology.


This is a greater started project because you can see all the stitches clearly and there is no complicated counting of stitches or anything.  I am all about simple, especially since this was the second time I have ever knitted anything.

What have you knitted?  I would love to hear about it since I am on a mission to find new ideas.  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Just another craft with the Cameron Clan!

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